Missing Alumni Addresses!

We need your help to locate these folks for our records.




We want to be able to send every Alumnus an Invitation,

but we can’t do that without current addresses.



1)  Click on the person’s name below to send us their postal mailing address

2)  Please do NOT change the default email TO: address, or the Subject: title line

3)  Type missing person’s name & postal address into your email message text area

4)  Click “Send” to email your message to our Correspondence Secretary, Connie Ackors Sell

- Thank You for Sharing! -


Last Update: 5/10/2014


Name of the Missing



MHS Home





Norma Hayes Elder








Robert Walters



Jesse Boulden LeBeau



Kenny Wilson






Eva Gero






Joseph Ramsey






Doug Boyd



Harliss Webb



Loretta Read






Milton Lee Merriman






Norman Littlejohn






Reba Northcutt Piatt






Dennis Bingham






Richard Parker



Terry White






Elva Bushman



Angela Jones



Ed Merchant



Merril Wynn



Phyllis Webb Agent



Robert Brown



Don Alliss






Hopefully not too many

more Names to follow.

Stay tuned, please!!!!!!!



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