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2007 Alumni Celebration Candids

(In order to maintain good picture quality, photo downloading may take a bit longer than usual. Please be patient.)


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Class of 1967 40th Anniversary Reunion Pre-Celebration Party hosted by Oscar & Pat Reyes


The “new” Social Hour began at 5:30



Folks enjoyed the pre-banquet time to visit

Complimentary soft drinks were available for the Social Hour. 

Here, Rick Garmong is served by hostess Betty Kessler.

(photo by Judy Schultz)



The Henderson Family was well represented (6 are MHS grads)

L-R: Patricia ’67, Dave ’61, Virginia, Theresa, Delores, Arema ’56, Richard ’65, Carol ’63, Wanda ‘59


Class of 1944 has a good showing AGAIN this year!



Eldest living Lady Alums

R to L: Margaret Protsman, 99 - Class of ’25 

Carrie Evelyn Linduska, 92 – Class of ’33

Juanita McClatchey Sellers – Class of ‘31


The Class of 1963 had a good showing for a non-honored year



45th year Honor Class 1962 had a great turnout

Some members of the Class of 1958 and a now-famous childhood resident of Morocco from StarTrek, David L. Ross (right front)



Honor Class 1957 had a strong turnout as well, seen here

enjoying their dinner

Table for the Honor Class of 1947, 60th Anniversary! (photo by Judy Schultz)


Table for the Honor Class of 1952, 55th Anniversary! (photo by Judy Schultz)


50th Reunion year of the Class of 1957 (photo by Peg Lindlow)


The Gals of the Class of 1957 (photo by Jean Leavitt)

Front Row: Pauline Thomas, Lynne Russell, Linda Mashino, Eileen Davis, Nancy Cox, Kay Potts

Back Row: Nancy Shuey, Jean Bridgeman, Loretta Baird, Bonnie Barnett, Dee Web

Present but not pictured: Marcia Chapman



The Guys of the Class of 1957 (photo by Jean Leavitt)

L to R: Dave Barnett, Ron Andis, Terry Madison, Calvin Schultz, Paul Baird, Dave Lindlow

We are very fortunate to have a great venue for a great celebration!

Circulating fans made for a much more enjoyable evening this year



Two song and dance numbers from My Fair Lady, the ‘67 Senior Play, were performed by none other than Dr. Tom Kocoshis


Victor Carlson, Spokesman for

Class of 1942



James White, Spokesman for

Class of 1947


Kathryn Arbuckle, Spokeswoman for

Class of 1952



Bonnie (Barnett) Storey, Spokeswoman for

Class of 1957

Mike McClatchey, Spokesman for

Class of 1962



Tom Kocoshis, Spokesman for

Class of 1967

Ahhh….the dreaded business meeting!!


The musical concert was conceived and MC’d by Donnie DeKoker, Class of 1958.  The music was provided by DJ, Solid Gold Sound


Part 1 of the concert produced dancing, listening to music of the

40’s through World War II and even some good old visiting


Part 2 of the program was the “Heart of Rock & Roll”, songs from 1955 through 1962 which all enjoyed and ended about 10pm!!



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