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Contributing Photographers:

Judy Cupp Schultz, ‘58

Larry Schanlaub, ‘63




2011 Alumni Banquet Celebration Candids

(To read the text account of this year’s banquet, click here)


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Class of 1941 -- 70th Anniversary Reunion

Alice Bingham Nemecke, the Honored Classes’ eldest graduate 2011 Alumni attendee.


Class of 1946 – 65th Anniversary Reunion

 Back L-R: Robert Chapman, Rex Hagen, Michael Manes, Patrica Conn Chapman.

Front L-R: Beverly Conn Hayes, Wilma Blann Swim, Frances Taylor Zerkle, David Cox.


Class of 1951 – 60th Anniversary Reunion

Front-rear L: Marilyn Ross, Bill Heyer, Tom Clark.

Front-rear R: Rosemary DeGroot (guest), Gordon Born, Jim White ’47, Joan Porter, Sarah Snell ’52, Jack Snell.


Class of 1956 – 55th Anniversary Reunion

Back L-R:  Gene Hendryx, Jack Storey, Lester Klein, John Kessler, Dennis Speer, Dale Wiseman, Larry Bingham.

Front L-R: Diane McCord, Arema Henderson, Gloria Bigger, Martha Clark.


Class of 1961 – 50th Anniversary Reunion

Back L-R: Dan Vanderwall, Ted Hayes, Walter Zelevetz, Ron Madison.

Middle L-R: Linda Shirer, Rita Emmrich, Linda Deardurff, Darlene Spurgeon, Ina Sapp.

Front L-R: John Warring, Herb Barnett, Lane Hotchkiss, Walter Michaels.


Class of 1966 – 45th Anniversary Reunion

Back L-R: Alfred Purdy, Estrella Bannister.

Middle L-R: Oscar Reyes, Tim Geller, Henry Dick.

Front L-R: Cathy Smart, Linda McClatchey, Karen Ross.






Checking in with Connie



Letting the old friendships rekindle and blaze




Sign In Desk manned by Connie Ackors Sell ’63 and Wilma Blann ‘46

at the Memorabilia Table



Carol Loveall NN’69 serving refreshments during the Social Hour

to Arema Henderson and Gloria Bigger, grads of ‘56





2011 Alumni President Herb Barnett ’61 arriving with his wife Fran



Great moments of “catching up” during the Social Hour




L-R: Audrey Bingham ’48, Mary Lazaraton ’48, guest.



The Early Birds get the best seats and kudos for the great table decorations, too





 Dinner music was provided by the Joy Sounds



A good turnout getting seated for the Dinner Banquet




Left side: Jim White ’47, Russell Garrard, Marjorie Carlson ’47,

Betty Carlson ‘42

Right side: Marilois Carter ’44, Phyllis Hammel ’44, Warren Johnson ’44, Bernice Lane ’44, guest, Delbert Purdy ’47, Shirley Boyd ‘47


 Left side: Vern Denton ’50, guest, Bobbie Carter ’50, Betty Davis ’49, Helen Madison ‘49

Right side: Dean Dawson ’50, Barbara Christenson ‘50




All military service Veterans were asked to stand and

be recognized.



Eldest Alumni present were from the Class of 1935, Betty Kessler and Florence Storey (seated opposite far left), here each receiving a yellow rose from 2011 Vice President, Dennis Deardurff


Pres. Herb Barnett begins Honored Class Speakers introductions.

(All class speakers’ comments may be read in the 2011 minutes.)



A special reading by Janet Barnett from James Whitcomb Riley’s

“The Goblins will get you if you don’t watch out.”





Frances Taylor Hayworth, Spokeswoman for

Class of 1946. 



Jack Snell, Spokesman for

Class of 1951.





Jack Storey, Spokesman for

Class of 1956.


Herb Barnett, Spokesman for

Class of 1961.





 Jerry Wagner, Spokeswoman for

Class of 1966.





Traditional Closing of the Banquet

Past Cheerleaders were asked to lead the Alumni in the singing of our School Song. This year’s Cheerleaders present---


Carol Potts ’63, Nancy Cox ’57, Linda Shirer ’61, (Linda Mashino ’57), Darlene Spurgeon ’61, Carolyn Holley ’67,

Cathy Smart ’66, Betty Hagen ’35, Marilois Carter ’44, Wilma Blann ’46, Betty Heath ’47, Barbara Carter ’50.









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