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2015 Alumni Celebration Candids


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Honor Class of 1935 – 80th Anniversary

Betty Hagen Kessler

(Rex Hagen and Frances Taylor Zerhle '46)



Honor Class of 1940 -- 75th Anniversary

(no photo available)



Honor Class of 1945 -- 70th Anniversary

(no photo available)



Honor Class of 1950 -- 65th Anniversary

(no photo available)


Honor Class of 1955 -- 60th Anniversary

Top Row: Glenn Flatt, Charles VanCleef, Bill Wiltfang

Middle Row: Carol Gentry Bertram, Florence Augustine Bunning

Front Row: Shirley McGregor Thompson, Dorothy Doehring Todd, Carolyn Swartz Dacunto


Honor Class of 1960 -- 55th Anniversary

Stewart Hammel, Carolyn Webb Wardle, Allen Cox, Frank Bushman


Honor Class of 1965 -- 50th Anniversary

Top Row: Sam Kocoshis, Don Wilson, Allan Alliss, Richard Henderson, Ron Dowty, Barney Belt, Bill Miller.


Row 3: Bill Smart, Lonny Dale Floyd, Henry Hansen, Wilbur Doty, Rodney Rich, Ronnie Hileman, Woodie Hammel.


Row 2: JoAlice Warne Belt, Judy Warrick Rabideau, Florence Bertram Burnside, Cathy Wenrick Henderson, Donna Holly Doty, Jackie Early, Patricia Schanlaub Wynn.


Row 1: Vickie Kessler, James Green, Donna Mashino Smart, Kathleen Yoder Rotert, Susan Plaster, Carol Flagg Daun, Brenda West Brock, Joyce Hoskins Hammel.


(attending but not pictured: Bill Ackors, Kay Babbitt Niedert, Donna Cady Martin, Dave Collins, Judy Holderby Brandt, Don Loveall)


Honor Class of 1970 -- 45th Anniversary

Ruth Ellen Blaney Hayworth

(Last MHS Freshman Class--Graduated at North Newton)



50th Anniversary Pre-Party for Class of 1965


Group shot of Classmates at the Reception


Scott-Lucas Home Reception Venue


Yearbook Staff: Kathleen Yoder, Rodney Rich, Sue Plaster


Bill & Donna Smart


Class & MHS Memorabilia


Sue Plaster and her mother, Louise


MHS Beaver Mascot


Rodney Rich, 1965 Bandmaster Royce Armstrong, Kathleen Yoder



Betty Kessler ‘35 & Bill Smart







Alumni Social Hour, Dinner Banquet & Annual Meeting


The Old MHS Gymnasium, readied for the Celebration!




Jill Anderson Hammel, Roger LaCosse and wife Linda

Connie Ackors ’63, Dorothy Doehring ’55, Carol Gentry ‘55



Connie collecting money and passing out Banquet Tickets


The line builds for the beginning of our Celebration



Cheryl Merchant Newell and Randy Barnett, both NN ‘68

Class of ’42, Marjorie Carlson Garrard, Delbert Purdy



Names please?

Ron Heilman ’65, Alida, and Uncle Bud Schultz ‘54



Class of ’55, Robert Suprenant

Class of ’44, Warren Johnson and Bernice Lane Fontaine



Hattie Bailey Abbott ’38 with nephew Don Parrish of Brook

Mike McClatchey ‘62, Mr. Armstrong, Karen Harrison McClatchey ‘64


Doris Hayslip Swartz ‘43


Henderson Siblings: Dave ’61, Patricia ’67, Arema ’56, Carol ’63, Richard ‘65



Denny Vanderwall ’59, Class of ’58: Sonny Shedrow, Diane Castonia, Marcia Metzer, Sharon Pommier

Class of 1956: John, Jack, Diane, Gloria, Arema, Martha



Class of 1957: Linda, Dave, Marcia, Bonnie, Pauline

Class of 1958: Sonny, Judy, Dianne, Sharon, Marcia





President Woody Hammel Welcoming the Alumni



Members of ’55 being entertained by the roving Magician

Allan Allis and Don Wilson, class of ‘65



Florence, Dickie and Pat

Rodney asks Janet, “Wanna change places?”



Sam Kocoshis and Ron Dowty, class of ‘65

Some MHS Band Members with 1965 Director

Top row: Gary Plaster ‘64, Dan Blaney ‘63

3rd row: Cheryl Merchant ’68, Randy Barnett ’68, Ron Dowty ’65, Vicki Kessler ’65, Carolyn Holly ’67, Patricia Henderson ‘67, Pat Williamson ’67, Woody Hammel ‘65


2nd row: Janet Barnett ’63, Rodney Rich ’65, Dir. Royce Armstrong, Karen Harrison ’64, Pat Schanlaub ’65, Jill Anderson ’67, Joyce Hoskins ‘65, Stuart Hammel ’60,

Beverly Sherman ’64, Judy Warrick ‘65

Front row: Roslyn Merchant ’61, Kathleen Yoder ’65, Donna Holly ’65, Sue Plaster ‘65


Banquet Honor Class Representatives


Barb Rice Greenburg speaking about Betty’s Honorary Doctorate and service




Spokeswoman for Class of ’55, Florence Augustine Bunning

Spokesman for Class of ’60, Stewart Hammel



Spokeswoman for Class of ’65, JoAlice Warne Belt

Eldest Members receive flowers: Betty Hagen Kessler ‘35


Eldest Members receive flowers: Florence Mashino Storey ‘35


In keeping with tradition, our Cheerleaders lead the Alumni to close the event with the singing of our School Fight Song

L to R: JoAlice Warne Belt, Betty Hagen Kessler, Jill Anderson Hammel, Carolyn Holley Geller, Linda Maschino Gibson






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