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2016 Alumni Celebration Candids


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No photo

Honor Class of 1941 -- 75th Anniversary



Honor Class of 1946 -- 70th Anniversary

L-R: Alberte Develde, Arthur Augustin, Rex Hagen, Michael Manes, Frances Taylor

(photo by Judy Cupp Schultz)



Honor Class of 1951 -- 65th Anniversary

L-R: Don Watts, Rita Styck, Tom Clark, Joan (Porter) Carlson, Bob Goddard

(photo by Larry Schanlaub)



Honor Class of 1956 -- 60th Anniversary

Back row: Gene Hendryx, Jean Biggar, John Kessler, Jack Storey, Les Kline

Front row: Larry Bingham, Arema Henderson, Joe Manis, Diane Scherick, Martha White


Class of 1956 Open House at the Legion

(photos by Larry Schanlaub)



Honor Class of 1961 -- 55th Anniversary

No photo available



Honor Class of 1966 -- 50th Anniversary

Top row: Terry White, Hale Sargent, Richard Parker, Kerry Jones, Mike Plaster, Paul Martz

3rd row: Jerry Wagner, Joe Castongia, Hank Dick, Cathy Smart, Laurie Pike, Joe Clarkson, Dave Loveall

2nd row: Vicki Vinkovich, Sherry Samuelson, Gladys Hall, Alfred Purdy, Estella Banister, Terry Vinkovich

1st row: Michaleen Balka, Karen Ross, Oscar Reyes, Janet Blann, Tim Geller


Class of 1966 Open House at the Legion

(photos by Larry Schanlaub)





Social Hour and Banquet Candids



A beautiful job of setting up the gymnasium by VP LaCosse 67 and his crew of volunteers!



Connie Ackors Sell 63 and Linda Mashino Gibson 57



Class of 66 has arrived!

2016 Alumni VP Roger LaCosse '67 with wife Linda, Carolyn Holley Geller '67 and President Tim Geller '66



Dave Sell and Ted Hayes 61

Judy Lock Dodd 54, Bud Schultz 54, Edmere Smart Falk 54 and Dave Sell



Larry Schanlaub 63, Chuck Gonczy 60 and Diane

Gene Warne 52 and Sarah Dawson Snell '52, Marge and James Dawson '49



Rita Styck Barnard '51, Kathleen Watt '50, Donald Watt '51 and Richard Styck

Percy Styck '56 and Fran, Joan Porter Carlson '51, Mr. Barnard, Rita Styck Barnard '51 and Kate Watt Styck '50



Michael Manes 46


Class of 1966


Eldon Purdy 44 and daughter


L-R: Herb Barnett, Vicki and Joe Manes 56, Bill Heyer 51, Delbert Purdy 47


Bud Johnson '44, Carol Potts '63 Janet Barnett Armstrong '63



John Kessler '56, Jerry Wagner '55, Paul Shirley '65, Roger LaCosse '67

Class of 1956


Can you find, Flora Styck and Dave Lindlow Class of '57, Jack Fitzgerald '60, Sonny Shedrow '58, Jeremy Treado '56?


As always, the celebration closed with the singing of School Fight Song

led by our faithful cheerleaders L-R:

Cathy Smart Oakes, Carolyn Holley Geller, Linda Maschino Gibson, Carol Potts Warring







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