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Contributing Photographers:

Judy Cupp Schultz, ‘58

Dave DeKoker, ‘63




2017 Alumni Banquet Celebration Candids

(To read the minutes of this year’s banquet, click here)


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Honor Class of 1947 – 70th Anniversary Reunion

L-R: Delbert Purdy, Marjorie Carlson, Doris Merchant




Honor Class of 1952 – 65th Anniversary Reunion

L-R: Gene Dunfee, Dianne Hangar, Sarah Dawson, Verlle Sypult, Gene Warne




Honor Class of 1957 – 60th Anniversary Reunion

Back row: Nancy Shuey, Linda Mashino, Marcia Chapman, Bonnie Barnett, Dave Lindlow

Front row: Albert Geller, Jean Bridgeman, Lynne Russell, Kay Potts




Honor Class of 1962 – 55th Anniversary Reunion

Back row: Joe Warrick, Bedford Hyde, Mallie Dunfee, Mike McClatchey

Front row: Carol Flynn, Marianne Thompson, Denny Deardurff




Honor Class of 1967 – 50th Anniversary Reunion

Back row: Roger LaCosse, Carol Alliss, David West, Frank Moody, Kathy Bartholomew, Abe Segovia, Sue Yoder, Rhonda Madden

Middle row: Jerome Koutney, Tom Kocoshis, Clyde Legg, Don Miller, Marilyn Babbitt, Jill Anderson, Pat Williamson, Sherrell West

Front row: Ed Merchant, Patty Henderson, Carole Slezak, Gloria Hansen, Cheryl Hatten, Pat Smart, Sherri Calaway, Carolyn Holley, Don Alliss, Doug Williamson




Class of 1944 – 73rd Anniversary Reunion

L-R: Eldon Purdy, Bernice Lane, Judy Brown, Warren Johnson




Class of 1967 Pre-Banquet Gathering

The affair was held at the Morocco American Legion for all classmates and their guests








L-R, Back row: Ed Merchant, Don Alliss, Sherrell West, David West, Roger LaCosse, Jerome Koutney, Tom Kocoshis, Frank Moody, Abe Segovia, Clyde Legg

Middle row (starts in front of Denny): Cheryl Hatten, Carolyn Holley, Sue Yoder, Don Miller

Front row: Pat Williamson, Gloria Hansen, Jill Anderson, Patty Henderson, Pat Smart, Kathy Bartholomew, Marilyn Babbitt, Sherri Calaway, Rhonda Madden, Carole Slezak




“Old Gold & Black” Social Hour


Secretary Connie Ackors Sell ’63 at the sign in table



Shirley Storey ’63, Carol Potts ’63, Larry Schanlaub ‘63


Our Social Hour background music pianist



Folks arriving for the Social Hour and Banquet


A stunning banquet table setting for sure



Lots of long-time friendships being rekindled


Laurie Pike and Gretchen Hunter, both from the 1966 Class



Visiting and catching up


Folks beginning to locate their class tables and claim a seat



More alumni arriving in time for the Banquet


The last Junior Class at MHS: Mike Shireley, Jenalyn Anderson, Cheri Merchant, Randy Barnett – Class of ‘68



Let the Banquet Begin!


Everyone enjoyed the food which was great tasting, served hot and aplenty for all


President Roger LaCosse ‘67 leading the meeting




An announcement from Judy Cupp Schultz ’58, our Historian


Dan Blaney ’63 reporting on Scholarship Fund



Pres. LaCosse presenting Hettie with flowers


Hettie Bailey Abbitt ’38, oldest attending Alumnus



Marjorie Carlson Garrard speaking for the Class of 1947


Verille Sypult speaking for the Class of 1952



Linda Mashino Gibson speaking for the Class of 1957


Dennis Deardurff speaking for the Class of 1962



Sam Kocochis speaking for the Class of 1967


Cheerleaders traditionally closing out the Banquet with the singing of the Morocco High School Fight Song!!

L-R: Nancy Shuey ’57, Linda Mashino ’57, Carol Potts ’63, JoAlice Warne ’65, Carolyn Holley ’67, Jill Anderson ’67, Jena Anderson ‘68






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