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Contributing Photographers:

Judy Cupp Schultz, ‘58

Larry Schanlaub, ‘63

2019 Alumni Celebration Candids


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Honor Class of 1939 -- 80th Anniversary!!!

Ed Camblin attended and is accompanied by his wife, Marcheta Hamilton Camblin ’42 and Marsha Camblin Vaughn ‘64



Honor Class of 1944 -- 75th Anniversary!!!

Eldon Purdy and Warren Johnson attended and are pictured below



Honor Class of 1949 -- 70th Anniversary!!!

Jim Dawson attended with his wife


Honor Class of 1954 -- 65th Anniversary

Back Row: Bernadette Klein Dohr, Judy Lock Dodd, Edmere Smart Falk, Dave Borem, Wayne Harper

Seated: Dave Deardurff, Bernard Schultz


Honor Class of 1959 -- 60th Anniversary

Top Row: Dennis Vanderwall, Richard Brunton, Lee Shirer

Front Row: Keith Wiltfang, Judy Cady Bingham, Donna Elgas Rush, Cecile Kwiatkowski Christenson, Leta Sapp Speer, Tom Shuey (not pictured)


Honor Class of 1964 -- 55th Anniversary

Top Row: Rosemary Triplett Krull, Beverly Sherman Bingham, Connie Deardurff Baker

Middle Row: Charlie Roadruck, Steve Brandt, Karen Harrison McClatchey, Joyce Morgan Fertig, Donna McClatchey Moore

Bottom Row: Paul Shireley, Marsha Camblin Vaughn, John Hess, Janice Swartz Bishop (not pictured)


Honor Class of 1969 -- 50th Anniversary

Howard Severs and Karen Lindlow VanDuyn


Afternoon Pre-Party for Class of 1964


Class gathering at the American Legion

Back row: Steve Brandt, John Hess, Charlie Roadruck, Paul Shireley

Middle row: Janice Swartz Bishop, Karen Harrison McClatchey, Beverly Sherman Bingham, Dean Loveall

Front row: Joyce Morgan Fertig, Connie Deardurff Baker, Marsha Camblin Vaughn, Rosemary Triplett Krull, Donna McClatchey Moore



Social Hour and Banquet Candid Photos


President Mike Shirely and the banquet setup crew



Dining and Food tables set up complete

Vice President Cheryl Merchant Newell ’69 putting on final touches!



Crowd is starting to roll in for the Event

Checking in at the Ticket Table, Carol Sue & Jim Hayworth ’63,

Connie Deardurff Baker ‘64



At the Social Hour, Karen Lindlow VanDuyn ‘69  and Janet Barnett Armstrong ’63

Dave Wagner ’58, Bonnie Boyd Wagner ‘61



Martha Clark White ‘56, Linda Mashino Gibson ‘57

Granddaughter of Sam and Betty Kennedy entertains at the OG&B Social Hour



Alumni members and guests arriving for the Social Hour & Banquet

Dennis Vanderwall ’59, Tom Shuey ‘59, Sonny Shedrow ‘58



Seat of the President – usually vacant during the evening celebration!


L-R: Class of ’54: Bud Schultz, Bernadette Dohr, Judy Dodd, Edmere Falk,

Dave and Marilyn Deardurff, William Dohn, Dave and Jean Borem



L-R: Carolyn Merchant ‘62, Roslyn Merchant Boyd, Dennis Boyd, John Warring,

Darlene Spurgeon Turby, all four from class of ‘61


Dave Borem ‘54 and Jean Borem



L-R: Delbert Purdy ‘47, Eldon Purdy ‘44, daughter Elaine, Ed Camblin ‘39,

Marcheta Hamilton Camblin ‘42, Warren Johnson ‘44, Judy Brown



L-R: Gloria Jean Bigger Denton ‘56, Diane McCord Scheurich ‘56, Arena Henderson, John Kessler ‘56, Jack Storey ‘56, Dave Lindlow ‘57, Sonny Shedrow ‘58 and wife, Marcia Sapp Meltzer ‘58 and Judy Warne Armstrong



Linda McClatchey Flack ’66 and guest, Herb Dresbaugh ‘67



L-R: Melody, Mike Shirely’s wife, Cheryl Merchant Newell ‘68, Cheryl’s husband, Tony Barone ‘68, Howie Severs ‘69



L-R: Allen Cox ‘60, Joyce Martin Neibert ‘60 and guest, Connie Ackors Sell ‘63, Donna Blaney, Rex haste ’63, Dave Sell, Faye Cox



L-R: Larry Schanlaub ‘63, Jim Hayworth ‘63 and wife Carol, Carol Potts Warring ‘63, Janet Barnett Armstrong ‘63, JoAlice Warne Belt ’65 and Barney Belt ‘65



‘52 Classmates:

Verlle Sypult, Gene Warne, and Sarah Dawson Snell



Allen Cox ‘60, Vern Denton ‘50



Let the Business Meeting begin


Pres. Mike Shirely presenting Eldest Attending award to Ed Camblin ‘39



Secretary/Treasurer Connie Ackors Sell ‘63 giving the Annual Report


Speaker for the Honor Class of ’44, Eldon Purdy



Speaker for the Honor Class of ’54, Bernadette Klein Dohr

with Recording Secretary JoAlice Warne Belt



Speaker for the Honor Class of ’64, John Hess



Bud Johnson ‘44, Judy Brown, Ed Camblin ‘39, Marcheta Hamilton Camblin ‘42

Traditional Closing of the Banquet with Cheerleaders leading the Alumni in the School Song

Carol Potts Warring ‘63, JoAlice Warne Belt ‘65, Janice Garmong Shirer ‘60, Linda Mashino Gibson ‘57







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