Cross Country Teams

Photos needed for this section, please!!!


Email Webmaster



Alumni Members are highly encouraged to send in personal photos of interest* for posting on this page.  Here’s your chance to be published to the World complete with the Photographer’s Credit Line!


To get in on the fun, either send your photos as a digital file email attachment, or send photo prints via US Mail to the Webmaster.  For best quality reasons, please only send digital file sizes of 300Kb or larger.



PLEASE do not mail Webmaster original photos of value as your submission constitutes Webmaster’s Release of Liability for any loss or damage of submitted photographs. 


(If desired, photos will be immediately return mailed if you have included a pre-addressed envelope with postage.)

*Acceptability for publishing will be at the sole discretion of Webmaster regarding content and quality.

US Mail to:


10220 118th St.

Largo, FL 33778