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School Fight Song Lyrics

(for those of us who have forgotten them)



We, the students of Morocco,

Fight for our Old High,

Black and Gold are our Colors,

Floating through the Sky!

With the Spirit and the Courage,

We’ll March to Victory,

Hail to Old Morocco High School,

We Pledge our Loyalty!




Original School Song Lyrics

circa 1935

(music unknown, lyrics contributed by Alice Purdy Warne)


Faithful and true hearted,

Let us boost for our old High,

We'll revere her and defend her,

As her colors proudly fly.

We will stand for her united,

Of her deeds, we'll gladly tell,

Her colors streaming, glad faces beaming,

So here's cheer for her,

For her we love so well.

Joyous and ever loyal,

Let us boost for our old High,

Let every heart ring,

let every voice sing,

For there's no time to grieve or sigh.

It's ever onward, our course pursuing,

May defeat ne'er, her ardor cool,

For united we will fight for her,

Our Old High School.


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