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Minutes of the Morocco High Alumni Banquet and Dance May 28, 2005

(as corrected 10/05/05)


Morocco High School Graduates, former students, and Guests were welcomed to the 57th Alumni Banquet by President Judy Schultz ’58.  Back to the old school where we forged lasting memories and found inspiration to continue a lifetime of learning.


President Schultz introduced Vice Pres. Dave DeKoker and his wife Sue from Largo, Florida; Secretary/Treasurer Patsy Bruns; and husband Bernard Schultz.  A thank-you to all who had helped with the set up and decorating of this years Alumni; Dave Dekoker and Sue, Bernard Schultz, Doc Schanlaub, John Kessler, Janet Storey, Diane Castongia and to the North Newton FFA who set up the tables and chairs.


A special welcome and thank you was given to Mr. Porter Madison “ Class of 1932”.  Porter served as the first President of the MHS Alumni Banquet and Dance in 1948 and has been a faithful supporter of the Alumni Association for 57 years.


On this Memorial Day weekend, the Alumni Association took a few moments to remember MHS Graduates and former students who served in the Armed Forces.  The names of  the Morocco High School Graduates who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States  were: Richard Hancock ’34, training to be a Pilot; Lloyd Goddard ’40, at Normandy; Evelyn Purdy ’38, Nurse in a plane crash; Charles Garmong ’41, pilot; Richard Augustine ’42, Pilot over France.  Those who served in WWll, the Korean War; the Viet Nam War and all who have served in the Armed Forces were asked to stand.  A heart felt thanks was expressed by all in attendance.


The Alumni Association is trying to record the names of MHS Graduates and former students who have served in the Armed Forces.  Those in attendance were asked to sign the sheet located at the scorers bench with name, class year, year served, and branch of service.   Names can be added by contacting Dave at the MHS web site http://MoroccoHighSchoolAlumni.org.


The Alumni members and guests stood for the Pledge of Allegiance to Flag

Mr. Jack Snell ’51, gave the invocation.

The  buffet dinner and beautiful desserts were served by the Roselawn IGA.

President Schultz thanked Tim Myers , Julie Bertram and crew for their wonderful service  the past several years. 


The 57th Alumni Meeting was called to order by President Schultz.

The 2005 Honored Classes were recognized:


1920: all classmembers have deceased.


1925:  We were honored to have Margaret Protsman, Class of 1925 attending the 57th Alumni and she is celebrating her 80th Year Alumni.  There were 20 graduates in the Class of 1925 and Margaret Protsman is the only living member.  She was presented a Golden Certificate and a yellow rose for being the oldest Alumnus present.  Margaret recited a poem that she had learned before entering the first grade. 

“PLY THE SPADE, PLY THE HOE, PLANT THE SEED, AND IT WILL GROW”.  Margaret started school on the first Monday of September 1914 at 6 years of age.  She attended the Norway school (would have been located on what is now 500W in Beaver Twp.).  This was a one room school with a potbellied stove and the teacher served as the janitor also.  The boys carried a bucket of drinking water from the Kessler house for all and they used one dipper to drink from the bucket.  Her teacher was Maude Smart (later McClain).  Margaret’s parents had bought her the First Grade Reader, not knowing that she would start with the Primer first.  She told the teacher that she had her lesson ready when she arrived and the teacher let her recite the following poem for them that she had learned from the First Grade Book.  “ PLY the SPADE” (the teacher did say that “ply is a contraction of the word apply”.  In the fall of 1922, Margaret as a sophomore, and the students of the Class of 1925 entered the new High School Building.  And, it is this school building that is proposed to close in the year 2008.


1930:  The Class of 1930 had 23 graduates and Alice Purdy Warne is the only living member of this class. She could not be with us tonight, but did send her best regards to the members of MHS Alumni.  Alice Purdy Warne attended all twelve years of school at Morocco.  She married Delos Warne and they raised 8 Children who also attended Morocco High School, Alice has become an artist in her retirement  years and many members of her family has received her loving paintings as a gifts.  75 years ago, Alice received the highest grades in her class and was named Valedictorian.  She was awarded her diploma at the Jasper County Hospital where she had been convalescing from an operation.  This is what she missed 75 years ago; A week before graduation on a Friday night was a banquet and prom which was given by the Junior class in honor of the graduates.  This was held in the assembly and the room was decorated to represent a garden scene in the senior colors of red and white.  There were 150 quests in attendance. Talks were given by County Supt. W.O. Schanlaub; Trustee F.L. Morehouse; and Principal, Frank Stephens.  A Gary orchestra furnished music after the banquet and dancing and games were enjoyed until the midnight hour “Morocco Courier May 16, 1930”.


1935:  Don Clarkson was the class spokesman.  The Class of 1935 had 35 graduates. Those in attendance were: Florence Mashino Storey, Elizabeth Hagen Kessler, Howard Kessler, Jeanette Yates Lowman, and Vane Harrison.  Other classmates who could not attend were: Cora Dexter, Russell Yoder Donald Camblin, Delores Henderson and Sylvia Lampera Kurland.


1940:  The Class of 1940 had 30 graduates with three graduates in attendance to celebrate their 65th reunion.  Those attending were: Ruth Graefnitz Padgett, Margaret Rainford and Doris Severs Deardurff.  President Schultz spoke on behalf of the class members present.  Margaret Rainford Merchant completed all eight grades at Lake Village School before entering Morocco High School in the fall of 1936. She was a member of the Sunshine society for four years and Glee Club for two years and also participated in the all school play, “Eloping with Cupid.”  Doris Severs Deardurff had attended all eight grades at Enos Grade School before entering Morocco High School.  She was a member of the Sunshine society for four years and was also a member of the Social Studies Club.  Ruth Graefnitz Padgett entered Lake Village Grade School in September, 1927, then attended Battle Ground School during her fifth and sixth year and then returned to Lake Village.  In Morocco High School she participated in the Sunshine society, Press club, Social Studies club, and the Glee Club for four years.  She was also in the two all school plays, “Eloping with Cupid” and “Fly Away Home.  These three ladies had all participated in their Junior Play “Daddy Long-Legs”.  On May 1, 1940 the Jr./Sr. Prom was held in the Morocco School gym.  The decorations were different from any that had ever been used here or near here.  The whole gym was made to represent an aircraft carrier. As the guests entered the gym walking up the gang-plank they saw the white cable and sailors on watch around the entire floor. At the end of the ship the American flag was flying, while at the punch booth four freshman girls dressed as sailorettes served delicious punch.  On either side of the punch booth were the smoke stacks and large gun.  Behind the punch booth in the distance was a light house with the blue waves lapping around it, and its beacon shining brightly across the water. The stage was a night scene with large and small airplanes dotting the landscape.  The music furnished by the Wabash Collegians was very popular.  Martha Spradling, the president of the Junior class, and her escort led the Grand March while the orchestra played “Anchors Away”.  Shortly after, the orchestra dedicated a song to a newly engaged couple.  This had to be a very memorable evening by all.


1945:  James Robert Walters was the spokesman for the Class of 1945.  This class had many members who joined the service during WWII and later received their Graduate Certificates. 

GREETINGS FROM THE CLASS OF 1945!  The motto of our class in 1945 was "TONIGHT WE LAUNCH, WHERE SHALL WE ANCHOR?"  This motto was especially appropriate during those uncertain times.  The unofficial motto of the class of 1945 is "WE ARE SURVIVORS!"  Our elementary school years were marred by the "Great Depression" when everything was hard to come by --- especially money.  We had to get by on very little, and making ends meet was a big chore for young and old alike.  But we survived!  Our high school years (all four of them) were marred by the great World War II.  Rationing of items, and curtailment of activities became a way of life for us.  The only future the boys in our class could plan for with any certainly was a tour of duty in one of the Armed Forces.  But we survived!  We were before television, penicillin, polio shots, antibiotics, contact lenses, computers, electric typewriters, credit cards, and a whole lot of other things taken for granted today.  But we survived!  We even got married first, and then lived together.  How quaint can you be?  But we survived!  The Class of 1945 is proud to be part of what Tom Brokaw has called "The Greatest Generation".  As we look back on our high school days, some of our special memories are of the class plays, the dances, and the football and basketball games.  Our favorite teachers were Ruth Corbin and Ann McPhail, with Mr. Stoner and Rev. Thistlethwaite also in the running.  We especially miss those who have passed away, and those that could not be here because of health and other reasons.  We are having a good time getting reacquainted not only with our class, but with the many friends in other classes who are here tonight.  Present tonight are the following members of the Class of 1945:  Pauline (Boyd) Peterson,  Vera (Scheel) Johnson,  Louise (Flatt) Wilson,  Harry Cody,  Warren Graefnitz,  Elvin Smith,  William Barker,  Russell Garrard,  Robert (Whitey) Walters,  Gordon White, and  Kenneth Wilson.  Good luck to all of you, and May God bless you.


1950:  Marjorie Cobb Denton was the spokesman for the Class of 1950.  Those in attendance for the 55 year reunion were: Marjorie Cobb, her husband Vern Denton Jr., Barbara Christenson Dawson, Dean Dawson and Jim Harrison.  There were 32 graduates in the class of 1950.  Marjorie spoke about their Senior Trip to Tennessee.  LeRoy Hickman was the (school) bus driver.  They spent the first day touring Mammoth Cave and the lodging for that evening was in “small cabins”.  The second day was at Nashville, TN.  That evening they attended the Grand Ole Opry and spent the night at the old Maxwell Hotel.  The third day was a trip to Look-Out Mountain and the fourth day to the Cumberland Gap, then on to Knoxville.  It was a wonderful trip with Mr. Hickman and Mrs. Mittie Watt as the chaperones.  Their Junior Class Prom was a time of some hard work.  It took a week to make a false ceiling in the gym by hanging  crepe paper.  But, it was a nice excuse to get out of class.  This was a time when everyone begged or borrowed a card table to be used on this magical night.  Click here to read the class of 1950’s 50th Reunion Anniversary article.


1955:  Robert Gibson was the spokesman and the Class of 1955 had thirty nine graduates.  Deceased members of the class are: Donald Andis, William Bower, Karen Robinson Martin, and Robert Gangala.  Celebrating the 50th year reunion were twenty five members of the Class of 1955: Florence Augustin Bunning, Ronald Baird, Neal Barnett, Dorothy Doehring Todd, Evagene Doehring McCroan, Ellen Faurot Green, Marvin Flagg, Eileen Flatt Penman, Glenn Flatt, Robert Gibson, Marian Johnson Coapstick, Dennis Lazaraton, Shirley McGregor Thompson, Joy Madison Middleton, Sandra Merriman Houston, Ronald Rush,  Audrey Schanlaub Duley, Robert Surprenant, Carolyn Swartz Dacunta, Karen Sypult Manes, Charles Van Cleef, Jerry Wagner, William Wiltfang Jr., and former classmate, Carol Gentry Bertram.  Classmate Donn Kaupke also joined in the celebration at the Scott/Lucas home held in the afternoon.


1960:  Mr. Stewart Hammel was the spokesman for the class.  There are seven class members who are deceased: Mary Griffith, Mary Helen Bower, Michael Deardurff, Shirley Bower Burley, Matt Parker, David Elijah, and Linda Parks Rainford.  Those celebrating the 45th year were: Joyce Martin Neibert, Carolyn Webb Wardel, Mary Sheldon Wiftfang, Linda Thurston Eniger, Janice Garmong Shirer, and Stewart Hammel.


1965:  Mr. William Smart was the class spokesman.  There are three class members who are deceased: Terry Potts, Vicki Parrish Gulley, and Daniel Hayworth.  Those celebrating the 40th year were: Allan Allis, Kathryn Babbitt Niedert, Barney Belt, Wilbur Doty, Ronald Dowty, Woodrow Hammel, Judy Holderby Brandt, Donna Holley Doty, Joyce Hoskins Hammel, Vicki Kessler Hershman, Antoinette Koutny Studer, Nancy Brunton Van Boun, Donna Mashino Smart, Susan Plaster Pantos, Paul Shirley, Jo-Alice Warne Belt, Lyle Warne, Brenda West Bartlet, Richard Henderson and William Smart.




Secretary Report:  Patsy Bruns reported a balance as of 8/30/2005 is $4,977.17.  She has also reported that Vic Carlson ‘42 and Lois Morgan Hensel ‘62 have each given a cash gift in Memory of Genola Porter McClatchey ‘40 for a total of $50 to the Morocco High School Alumni Association.


Ruth Corbin Scholarship Fund:  President Schultz reported for Sarah Snell that the Ruth Corbin Scholarship 2004 winner was Daniel Keller of Lake Village, grandson of Sandy Smart Sypult ’57 and Veryl Sypult ’52.  The Balance in the Ruth Cobin Scholarship Fund as of May 28, 2005 was $5,426.98.  For those who would like to contribute to this fund please send your contributions to Sarah Snell, or Patsy Bruns.


Elimination of the Dance:  President Judy Schultz reported that there has been concern that only a few members are staying for the dance and the cost of the DJ is three hundred and fifty dollars.  She also noted that at some time in the near future there is plans to close Morocco School and at that time the Alumni Association will then have the expense of paying rent for our Annual meeting.  President Schultz asked for those who are in favor or opposed to speak.  Vice President Dave DeKoker spoke in favor of having the Dance. 


A motion was made by Irene Hammel to eliminate the dance and use that money to fund the Ruth Corbin Scholarship Fund.  

Seconded by Audrey Bingham Johnson.



Addition of Office of Co-Secretary/Treasurer:  President Schultz reported that in 2002 the Association voted to include the 1967 Morocco students in grades 7th - 11th to be invited to the Morocco High School Alumni and as of this year we have not yet obtained the name and addresses of those students.  The duties of the Co-Sec/Treasurer will be to gather all names and addresses and be involved in all duties of Secretary/Treasurer.


A motion to add the Office of  Co-Secretary/Treasurer was made by Mary Lou DeKoker.

Seconded by Larry Schaunlaub.



Addition of Co-Treasurer for the Ruth Corbin Scholarship Fund:  President Schultz spoke about the concern of only one signature on the bank account.  Sarah Snell has served many years as the Treasurer of the Ruth Corbin Scholarship Fund and has expressed the need to have two signatures on record at the Bank.


A motion to have Larry Schaunlaub serve as Co/Treasurer for the Ruth Corbin Scholarship Fund was made by Dave DeKoker.

Seconded by Jack Snell. 



SLATE OF OFFICERS for the year 2006:

President:  David DeKoker ‘63

Vice President:  Alana Lock Deno ‘63

Co-Sec./Treas:  Patsy Bruns ‘59 and Connie Sell ‘63


A motion to elect the Slate of Officers for the year 2006 was made by  Mary Lou DeKoker.

Seconded by Larry Schaunlaub.



Vice President Dave DeKoker presented a demonstration of the Morocco High School Alumni Web site that he has constructed.  Dave will fund this site the first year.  The Official Alumni site can be accessed from any internet capable computer at http://MoroccoHighSchoolAlumni.org.


The President then noted that the Public Address System that was installed in the year 2000, is being repaired.  The North Newton School Corpation is paying for this repair and our Alumni Associtation was asked if we would like to donate to purchase a case to store all of the componets.  This is needed to keep items from being damaged by dust.  At this year’s meeting, the "hat" was passed for a "free will" donation from the MHS Alumni members.  The amount collected was not immediately available.  The Association wishes to confer thanks to Bonnie Storey '57 and Stewart Hammel '60 for their efforts to get the PA system repaired.


President Schultz also spoke about the need to preserve old MHS photos.  This can be done by scanning and emailing them to the Morocco High School Alumni web site.  Betty Carlson has been a member of the Composite Picture Preservation Committee.  She has reported that there will be a Local History Room in the new Morocco Library that will be open in the spring of 2006 and the Class Composite Pictures will then be moved to the Library.  We will know more about this effort and what more may be needed at the 2006 Alumni business meeting.


President Schultz announced that the School Building was open to those who would like to take a tour.    She expressed a thank-you to Mr. Stewart Hammel, who has been the interim Principal at the Morocco Grade School, for making this possible.


The 57th annual Morocco High School Alumni closed with the School Song lead by the Morocco High School former cheerleaders:  Wilma Porter Smith ’54; Janice Garmong Shirer ’60; Betty Heath Carlson ’47; Jo Alice Warne Belt ’65;  Betty Hagen Kessler ’35; Marilois Carter Anderson ’44; Jill Anderson Hammel ’67.


The last MHS Alumni Dance was enjoyed by several to the music of DJ “Solid Gold Sound”.



Respectfully submitted,


Judith Schultz, President

2005 MHS Alumni


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