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Minutes of the Morocco High Alumni Banquet May 27, 2006


The 58th annual Morocco High School banquet was held in the Morocco

School gymnasium Saturday May 27, 2006.


The oldest MHS Graduate in attendance was Margaret Protsman, Class of 1925.

Margaret began her education at the Norway School (a one room school) in

Beaver Township and graduated 81 years ago.


President David DeKoker presented a plaque to Miss Patsy Burns for her 28

years of serving as secretary/treasurer of the MHS Alumni Association. The MHS Alumni and guests showed their appreciation to Patsy with a round of applause.


President DeKoker introduced Mr. Jim Lods, Coach of the 1956 MHS Basketball

Sectional Champions. Although it has been 50 years since the 65 to 58 win over Rensselaer,  Mr. Lods related stories of each team members efforts. During the second quarter he substituted a 5’9” freshman for a 6’3” senior. The freshman scored 2 points and at half–time Morocco was ahead 31 to 30. This young man was Tom Shuey; his father Milton Shuey had been a member of the only other MHS Sectional Champion Team 22 years earlier. Coach Lods introduced the team members present Dave Boyd, Lester Klein, Eugene Hendryx, John Kessler, all 1956 class members; Don Hunter-class of ‘58; and Tom Shuey-class of ‘59. Two team members Dale Purkey-class of ‘56 and David Rybarski-class of ‘57 are deceased. The other two members of the team were unable to attend.


He also spoke about the support that they had from the cheerleaders, the student body, and the community. The fans turned out in large numbers and were cheering continuously. When the team returned to Morocco that evening, a bonfire had been built in the middle of town, for the celebration. It was a great time for all and is still a momentous event for many who were there .


The MHS Alumni Association Honored Classes for 2006 were:



Juanita McClatchey Sellers was the only member present was presented a Yellow rose and a Golden Certificate. The class of 1931 had 20 graduates.



Roger Tebo spokesman for the class recalled his first day of school at Morocco Grade School. Margaret Protsman made sure that he did not get lost the entire day.  The Class of 1936 had 32 graduates and nine members are still living. Attending were: Ivan Babbitt, Dorothy Redden Weir, and Carolyn Hammel Frasley and Roger Tebo.



Paul Bailey and Alice Bingham Nemecek were the only graduates present of the

31 class members.    Paul spoke about how the speaker misspoke at Commence-ment, saying discouragement instead of encouragement   He always felt the speaker had it right the first time because the guns were blaring on the horizon, as we were soon to be in war.  He and many of his classmates would soon be signing up to join the Armed Forces.



Art Augustin was spokesperson for their class of 36 members. Fourteen members have passed away.  Those present were Art Augustin, Morris Brunton, Robert Chapman, Rex Hagen, Michael Manes, Wilma Blann Swim, Alberta Develde

Guiliani, Paul McClatchey and Frances Taylor Hayworth.



Joan Porter Carlson spoke about starting high school with 51 students in their freshman class. And at graduation they had 34. Nine of their classmates have passed away and since graduation  have never been able to contact three of their classmates. Attending their 55th anniversary were RoseMary DeGroot Armstrong, Carolyn Sirois Brownfield, Marilyn Ross Veselak, Marlene Styck Johnson, Jack Snell, and Joan Porter Carlson.



Jack Storey was spokesman of the Class of 1956 with 57 graduates, the first

class to graduate that many members. Eight members of the class are deceased.  Classmates attending the 50th year anniversary were: Jean Bigger Denton, Larry Bingham, David Boyd, Charlene Bridgeman, Charles Bridgeman, Judith Brunton Keppner, Martha Clark White, Norma Deardurff Henneike, Barbara Doty Bridgeman, Stanley Elgas, Richard Goddard, Eugene Hendryx, John Kessler, Sandra Kessler Johnston, Lester Klein, Judy Madison Baird, Ann Mahan Krejsa, Diana McCord Scheurich, Joe Manes, Richard Neibert, Carolyn Pike Swartz, Linda Potts Smous, Delmar Pufahl. Joe Ramsey, Eleanor Sorenson Warne, Dennis Speer, Barbara Stone Krueger, Jack Storey, Percy Styck, Jeremy Treado, Susan Triplett Clark, Mary Ann Villanova Miller, Joyce Warne Wagner, Gary White, Dale Wiseman, and Arema Henderson Hinkle.



Herb Barnett introduced his classmates attending the 45th Alumni celebration, Dennis Boyd, Roslyn Merchant Boyd, and Dan Vanderwall.  The class of 1961 started their freshman year with a total of 75 students and 55 students graduated on Wednesday May 17, 1961 they were privileged to have Mr. Jesse Owens as the speaker. His address to the class of 1961 was “The Brighter Side of the Coin”.



Spokesman for the Class was Jerry Wagner. Classmates attending the Banquet

were Henry Dick,  Ray Cooper, Gretchen Hunter Swallo, Tim Geller, Joe Clarkson, Betty Northcutt Chernowski, Lester Laffoon, Linda McClatchey Flack, Oscar Reyes, Sheryl Samuelson Wirt, Laurie Pike Vaught, and Karne Ross.


The evening ended with the School Song led by many of the former

MHS School Cheerleaders:

Betty Hagen Kessler ’35, Wilma Blann Swim ’46, Betty Heath Carlson ’47, Helen Stone Hagen ’47, Carolyn Sirois Brownfield ’51, Diane Hanger Hendryx ’53, Wilma Porter Smith ’54, Barbara Stone Krueger ’56, Carolyn Pike Swartz ’56, Janice

Garmong Shirer ‘60.


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