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Minutes of the Morocco High Alumni Banquet May 29, 2010



The 62nd annual Morocco High School banquet was held in the Morocco

School gymnasium Saturday May 29, 2010.


The Morocco Alumni Association held their 62nd annual banquet May 28, 2010 at the Morocco gymnasium.  Two-hundred thirty-eight alumni and guests enjoyed the dinner catered by the “Country Gals.”


Preceding the banquet, the 2010 Alumni Officers greeted guests at the “Old Gold and Black” social hour with the help of Carol Loveall ‘69 being in charge of the refreshments.  It is always a stroll through the pages of time when returning back to the Morocco gymnasium, of school days and graduations long ago.


There have been many changes during the last year with a new grade school being built.

Morocco Grade School Principal, Karen Spencer had graciously volunteered to conduct tours of the new grade school building, and the renovation (still in progress) of the old school building.  Many enjoyed the tours and all were appreciative of Principal Spencer taking the time to answer questions.


President Ted Hayes ‘61 welcomed all for coming tonight and began by introducing the MHS Alumni officers for the 2010 year, Vice President Herb Barnett ’61 and his wife Fran, Sec/Tres.Connie Ackors Sell ’63 and husband Dave, Sec/ Historian, Judy Cupp Schultz, ’58 and husband Bud. Ted introduced his wife Marsha, and others that had helped prepare for the evening.  Dennis and Roslynnn Merchant Boyd, ’61, Dean ’64 and Carol Schultz,’69 Loveall, and the North Newton Sophomore Class and their sponsor for transporting tables from the NN high school and setting those and the chairs up. Ted and Herb presented Connie and Judy with a lovely potted plant for all their efforts to make the Alumni program successful. He explained that when the President and Vice-President live 80 miles away and one in another state, it is these two that coordinate what needs to be done.


President Hayes introduced the “Joy Sounds” vocal group. The group began with a couple of patriotic songs and then led the group in “The Star Spangled Banner.”


All veterans in attendance were asked to stand. The group honored them with a round of applause. All stood for the “Pledge of Allegiance.”


Mr. Jack Snell, ’51 was called upon to give the invocation before the meal.


President Hayes and Vice-President Barnett directed each class to the banquet line starting with the Golden Year honor class of 1960.

The “Joy Sounds” provided several music selections during the dinner hour.


The 2010 Morocco High School Alumni business meeting was called to order by President Hayes, Sec/Tres. Connie Ackors Sell ’63 read the minutes of the 2009 Morocco High School Alumni Association meeting.  Connie also gave the treasurers report,  $5,084.70 a balance as of December 31, 2009. Using this date because of receiving dues all year long.

Old Business: President Hayes called Sarah Snell to give the report about the Ruth Corbin Scholarship.


Sarah reported that Megan Gibson was the 2009 recipient of the Ruth Corbin Scholarship.


All four of Megan’s grandparents were graduates of MHS, Robert, ‘55 and Linda “Mashino”  ’57 Gibson and Mike and Jo “Miller” Myers, ‘65.


Sarah said that after the 2010 award at this year’s presentation, there would be a balance of $1,168.19.


New Business: Daniel Blaney ’63, spoke about the Morocco Alumni Scholarship being broke.

If we are going to have an Alumni scholarship, it has to be funded. At this time baskets were passed for a free will offering.

He spoke about Sarah being the treasurer for the scholarship for many years and at this time having the opportunity of having the funds pass though the Newton Foundation, a 501C 3 org. They would handle this at a cost of 1% of the monies managed. This organization had awarded about $190,000 in grants over the past few years.  The scholarship would now be called the Morocco High School Alumni Association Scholarship.


President Hayes asked for a vote or yea or no.  Motion passed. The Morocco High School Alumni Association Scholarship would pass through the Newton Foundation.


President Hayes spoke about the Morocco Alumni web site and encouraged all to visit this wonderful site. He then called upon web-master Dave DeKoker to give an update.


Dave reported that the web site had 149,020 hits within the last year, which is up 8,000 from the year before.  He explained that a hit means a search engine has located our site.  This is active and continually grows and is well worth the cost of $48 that the association pays each year.  He also added that there are 269 veterans (Morocco graduates) listed on the web site.  If anyone has a picture or news that can be added contact Dave at moroccohighschoolalumni.org.


New Business:  President Hayes reported that we do not have a complete slate of officers for the 2011 year and are in need of a VP.  Vice-President Barnett will be the President, Sec/tres. Connie Sell, and Sec/historian Judy Schultz.  President Hayes called for nominations for the office of Vice-President.  Since there where none, he reported that the officers had some discussions about having the President always being from the 50 year class.  As the 2011 President is Herb Barnett class of ‘61 from the 50-year class we need a nomination from the class of 1962 for the office of vice-president. President Hayes acknowledged several members from the Class of 1962, but none seemed to respond.  It was with a “gracious acclamation” that President Hayes thanked Dennis Deardurff for accepting the office of Vice-President.   

President Hayes asked for all who were in favor to answer by “yea”.  Motion passed.


President Hayes introduced the oldest alumnus present, Alice Purdy Warne.

Alice is the only living member of the honor Class of 1930.  Alice spoke about her class and saying that Mr. Frank Stephens was the principal and Miss Ruth Connelly was the commercial teacher.  The two years of typing and two years of bookkeeping that she was taught by Miss Connelly enabled her to put this training to use all her life.  Twenty-three members graduated in the class of 1930, Class colors were red and white.


While in high school a class member, Ruth “Robinson” Graham had written the first school song, “Faithful and True Hearted.”  This was the school song at the time she graduated until it was replaced with “We The Students” sometime in 1939.   Alice and daughter JoAlice Warne Belt ‘65 sang a beautiful rendition of “Faithful and True Hearted”.  The audience gave the mother and daughter duo a standing ovation.


(Historian note)   Alice “Purdy” Warne was one of 12 siblings to have graduated from Morocco High School.  Brothers Eldon, Class of 1944 and Delbert, Class of 1947,were also helping Alice celebrate her 80th year reunion.

Also Alice and Delos Warne had eight children who attended MHS.  There were six of her children present (son Jerry ‘54 is deceased) and a nephew, helping her celebrate her 80th alumni year, Gene, ’51, Jack, ’53, Joyce, ’56, Robert, ’59, Janet, ’64, JoAlice ’65 and Lyle Warne, ‘65


President Hayes turned the next order of business over to Vice-President Barnett.


The senior ladies at the first table were presented with a yellow rose. Alice Purdy Warne, ’30, Betty Hagen Kessler, ’35, Florence Mashino Storey, ’35, Bonnie Hammel Deardurff, ’38, and Ruth Blann Warrick, ’38.  Vane Harrison, ’35 honor class was presented with a boutonniere, and the other senior in the group was Lawson Cox, ’34.


Vice-President Barnett called upon Betty Hagen Kessler to speak for the Class of 1935.


Class of 1935: Betty began by introducing classmates Vane Harrison and Florence Mashino Storey; this is their 75th class reunion.  There class graduated with 34 students and 29 are now deceased.  The class had memories of F.D.R. and also the struggle of the depression.  A few of her memories as a teacher was of a little boy in the class informing her that his father had said she was also his teacher. She confirmed that was true, the young boy replied, “that no one could be that old.”

She also remembered the three little boys who played in her front yard many years ago, Cap Kessler, Herb Barnett and Ted Hayes.  Betty closed with something that Mrs. McPhail taught her long ago, If you are going to speak, “Stand-up,” Speak-up” and “Shut-up.”  (Ted also added that Cap Kessler, Herb Barnett, and himself began their education at Morocco with Mrs. Martha Blaney as their teacher)


Class of 1940: None present.


Class of 1945: Russell Garrard was the spokesman for the Class of 1945.  The class motto was “Tonight we launch, where shall we anchor.  The only future for the boys in our class to look forward to at that time was to be called to duty in the Armed Forces.  Their elementary school years were marred by the depression; everything was hard to come by, especially money.  This was a time of rationing, but somehow we did manage to participate in several school activities. There were many fun times at Morocco High, class plays, football games, basketball games, and our favorite teachers, Miss Corbin, Mrs. McPhail and Mr. Stoner.  We survived, and are proud to be a part of what is now called “The Greatest Generation.”  Tonight as we are remembering our school days, we remember the sixteen members who are now deceased, and those who could not be here.  Russell introduced his classmates celebrating their 65th class reunion, Warren Graefnitz, Louise Flatt Wilson, Vera Scheel Johnson, Pauline Boyd Peterson, Gordon White and Harry Cody.


Class of 1950: Vern Denton spoke for the Class of 1950.  Carol Bohler Dawson was the only other classmate present to celebrate the 60th class reunion.  There were 32 gradates in the 1950, his wife Marjorie “Cobb” was one of them; she had passed away last October. Vern noted that Marjorie always did a better job as class speaker than what he could do so he would keep it short.  Vern wished all well and a safe trip home.


Class of 1955: Vice President Barnett introduced the speaker for the Class of 1955, a person whom he knows well, who had traveled from Maryland to be here tonight, his favorite older brother Neal Barnett.  Neal began by telling the audience that he had asked Herb how long he could talk, Herb replied 5 minutes, I said “come on brother,”  Herb’s reply, “Ok 4.” 


The Class of 1955 gathered at the Scott-Lucas house in the afternoon to renew old friendships.  He thanked Ron Rush and Marion Johnson Coapstick for their efforts organizing this event.  Fourteen members were present to relate several “old stories” and several “new shocking stories.” 


We went to school during the reign of John Cronk, Ann McPhail, and Ruth Corbin.  When we graduated we were just kids knowing each other as classmates.  Then at our 25th year reunion we had became upstanding citizens celebrating the successes of our lives.  At our 50th year reunion we were winding down, celebrating survival just as we are today.  We are saddened to have lost 2 more classmates since our 50th  reunion, Robert Gibson and Clifford Wiltfang.  It has been a pleasure to have know all of our class mates and we hope to do this again and again.  The Class of 1955 graduated with 39 members and there are 6 members who are deceased.


Members of the class returning for the 55th reunion were, Neal Barnett, Marvin Flagg, Bill Wiltfang, Ronald Baird, Dan Lazaraton, Charles VanCleef, Donn Kaupke, Audrey Schanlaub Duley, Marion Johnson Coapstick, Shirley McGreger Thompson, Rosalie Clark Haste, Florence Augustine Bunning, Ron Rush, and Robert Surprenant


Class of 1960: Linwood Brown, senior class vice-president spoke on behalf of the Class of 1960.  The 1960 class gathered at the Lions Club Den in the afternoon to greet old friends from near and far. Lin thanked all who had made this a memorial occasion.  Twenty-five members and former members returned to celebrate the Golden Year reunion, some traveling from as far as Arizona, Texas, Georgia and Tennessee.  Lin began by telling the fact that the 1960 class first met May of 1956 in the Morocco gym as 8th graders, with a total of 88 in number.  That was the largest freshman class to have entered Morocco High at that time.  At graduation there were 44 members.  There are now 8 classmates who are deceased.  Their senior year officers were Pres. Linda Parks Rainford, V.P. Lin Brown, Sec. Rose Marie Mashino Brunton and Trea. Sandy Lindlow Alberts.  Their class flower was an orchid, class colors were brown and white and the class motto “Tonight we sail, where shall we anchor.”  It was at this time that Lin remarked that he has always tried to follow the advice given to him by Principal Bannon on graduation day May 18, 1960.  As Mr. Bannon shook his hand, handed him his diploma, and whispered in his ear, “Keep Movin, Keep Movin.” 


Lin said that it doesn’t seem like 50 years could have passed, in this time we have gotten older and wiser  “ I finally got my head together, and now my body is falling apart.”  He said that he started with nothing and now still has most of it.  He went to school to become a “wit” and only got half way through.  As the years have passed it takes longer to rest than it did to get tired.  Lin closed by saying Friendship, which he hopes all of you are, is kind of like incompetence, everyone can see it, but only you can feel it.


Class of 1960 members and former classmates celebrating their 50th reunion: Lin Brown, James Styck, Jack Fitzgerald, Charles Gonczy, Dick Borth, Dough Camblin, Stewart Hammel, Joyce Martin Neibert, Nancy Hayworth Moore, Allen Cox, Rose Marie Mashino Brunton, Shari Brunton Warne, Jo Miller Myers, Karen Smart Jackman, Mary Sheldon Wiltfang, Linda Thurston Eighnor, Joan Lowe Burris, Judy Lowe Cobleigh, Janice Garmong Shirer, Jane Bigger, Joan Baird Triplett, John Hunter, Carolyn Webb Wardle, Carolyn Borem and Margorie Schultz Layhew.


Class of 1965: JoAlice Warne Belt spoke for the Class of 1965. Class president Bill Smart delegated the job to her with full confidence that she would do well.  JoAlice related the fact that the group had gathered at the American Legion earlier in the afternoon.  There were many having a time trying to figure who was who and all enjoyed hearing a few stories of years past and looking at the class memorabilia.  The class graduated with 75 members, Mr. Jack Snell and Mr. Joe Elliott were the class sponsors. At this time we have lost 9 members of our class.


The class motto was “Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers.”  Due to the size of the class, they were not able to go to Washington D.C. for their senior trip.  They went to the Wisconsin Dells and had a wonderful time seeing the sight there.

1965 members attending their 45th reunion were; JoAlice Warne Belt, Bill Ackors, Ron Dowry, Florence Bertram Burnside, James Green, Bill Smart, Donna Mashino Smart, Don Loveall, Allan Allis, Lyle Warne, Pat Schaulaub Wynn, Barney Belt, Vickie Kessler Diegle, Nancy Ludlow Baum, Henry Hansen, Dave Collins, Dave Doyle, Kathryn Yoder Roert, Charles Hall, Donna Holley Doty, Rodney Rich, Ron Hileman, Joyce Hoskins and Wilbur Doty.


Vice President Barnett recognized Dale Grafnitz as a member of the MHS 1967 Freshman Class (NN-1970) and thanked him for coming. 


The 2010 Morocco Alumni Association meeting closed with the singing of the school song led by the retired MHS Cheerleaders: Betty Hagen Kessler ’35, Betty Heath Carlson ’47, Carolyn Siros Brownfield ’51, Carolyn Merchant Wiltfang ’62, Janet Warne Allen ’64, JoAlice Warne Belt ’65, Vickie Kessler Diegle ’65, Shari Brunton Warne ’60, Janice Garmong Shirer ’60 and Rose Marie Mashino Brunton ’60.


-- J.S., MHS Alumni Historian


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