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Minutes of the Morocco High Alumni Banquet May 26, 2012



The 64th annual Morocco High School banquet was held in the Morocco

School gymnasium Saturday May 26th, 2012.


The Morocco Alumni Association held their Annual Banquet at the Morocco gymnasium. 

There were 165 alumni and guests attending the banquet served by Devon’s Catering of Rensselaer.

This Memorial Day week-end was again very warm, but inside the now air conditioned school gym it was very comfortable.  Many enjoyed visiting with former classmates and friends at the “Old Gold and Black” social hour preceding the banquet.


President Dennis Deardurff, ‘62 welcomed the group back to the  gym where we graduated so many years ago. He spoke of how unusual it is that the gymnasium and the school building to still be in use,  the same ones we had known in our school days.  Dennis recalled that each year the graduating class was invited to the Alumni Banquet and Dance.  At the alumni in ‘62 , his class walked into the gym as a group, and he remembers thinking, “ there sure are a lot of “old people” here.”  Now it’s 50 years later and their ‘62 class is being honored.  As a tribute to our men and women who have served in the Armed Forces, President Deardurff read a story about a soldier.  He then asked all men and women who have served in the U S Armed Forces to stand.  The group was honored with a round of applause.


The “Joy Sounds” led all with the “Pledge of Allegiance”, then sang the “National Anthem.”

Mr. Jack Snell ‘51 gave the invocation preceding the banquet.  President Deardurff thanked Jack for his many years of assisting with the alumni program.

The “Joy Sounds” again entertained the group with many memorable tunes during the banquet hour.


The MHS Alumni Association business meeting for 2012 was called to order by President Deardurff.

Secretary/Treasurer Connie Ackors Sell ‘63 reported that she has been notified of additional MHS alumni who have passed away recently; Alice Purdy Warne ‘29 and Gordon Born ‘51.

Connie reported  the balance on hand May 28, 2011 was $6367.00 and the expenses were $4478.83.


This year there have been donations of $198 for the Ruth Corbin Scholarship Fund and that amount has been sent to the Newton Community Foundation. 


Connie reported that the previous year’s minutes, written by Co-Secr. Judith Schultz are posted on the alumni web-site.  She would not take the time to read them, but if there are any additions or corrections please make that known by e-mail. 


The web-site report, sent from David DeKoker, stated that the web site has had 7,500 hits this year.  That is 47% more hits than last year.  Connie encouraged everyone to access the web-site and also to notify her or the web-master Dave DeKoker,  if someone has passed away.  When an invitation  is returned to her, she does not know if the address is incorrect, or if the person has deceased.


President Deardurff spoke about the need for more donations for the scholarship fund .  The baskets were passed for a free will donation (amount collected was $585.)


The slate of officers for the 2013 MHS Alumni Association was presented by President Deardurff:

President: Janet Barnett Armstrong ‘63, Vice-President: John Henry Hess ‘64,  Secretary/ Treasurer: Connie Ackors Sell ‘63.


As there were no other nominations, a motion to accept those named was made, seconded and  passed.  President Deardurff  informed the group of the need to fill the office of Co/Sec.- Historian, as Judy Schultz had decided to “retire.”   There were no volunteer’s at this time.


Vice-President Janet Barnett took the reins and introduced the spokesperson from each MHS honor class.


The Golden Year Class “MHS 1962 “ was represented by Dennis Deardurff, senior class president. The class graduated with 48 members; there are now thirteen deceased.  Sixteen members gathered at the Scott-Lucas house in the afternoon to renew friendships.  Those attending were: Emma Borem, Mallie Dunfee, Betty Ferkins, Max Hunter, Bedford Hyde, Jean Lowe, Carolyn Merchant, David Smart, Kay Spurgeon, Marianne Thompson, Marjorie Pike, Marilyn Rainford, Vickie Treado, Joseph Warrick, Bethel Doty, and Denny Deardurff.


There were no members from the class of 1932 or 1937 attending.


The only member celebrating the 70th alumni year from the class of 1942 was Marcheta Hamilton Camblin.  She gave a very gracious hello to all.  The class of ‘42 graduated with 29 members.  This was the war years and most of the boys and some of the girls, soon after graduation, entered into the Armed Forces.  All but one, Richard Augustin, would return (d. July 30, 1945) and was buried at the Oakland cemetery.  His classmates, wearing their uniforms, served as pall bears.


Shirley Boyd Storey, class of 1947, spoke on behalf of her class.  Shirley, related a story that had happen in Mr. Stoner’s class.  They were electing class officers and she had been nominated.  Her name seemed to be written as Shirty, on the blackboard.  Unknown to the teacher (his back was turned), another letter had been left out and the class was laughing.  Her classmates, sixty five years later, remembered it well and laughed again.  Shirley introduced her classmates celebrating this evening on their 65th, Martha Garrard Dickey, Marjorie Carlson Garrard, James White, Delbert Purdy and herself.


Veryl Sypult, president of the class of 1952 reported that there were 38 graduates in the class of  ‘52, nineteen girls and nineteen boys.  Seven members answered the roll call as Veryl read the names from the Class of 1952: Kathy Arbuckle, Sarah Dawson, Gene Dunfee, Diane Hanger, Janet Wiseman, Gene Warne, and Veryl Sypult.


Linda Mashino Gibson, Class of 1957, reported that there were 38 who graduated in 1957. There are now seven members who have passed away.  Her classmates have all been successful in life since leaving MHS fifty-five years ago.  During their years of growing up, it was a time when the parents knew if you had misbehaved by the time you got home that evening.  Linda asked her classmates to stand and be recognized as she called their name; Loretta Baird, Nancy Shuey, Deloris Webb, Bonnie Barnett, David Lindlow, Lynne Russell, David Barnett, Eileen Davis, Marcia Chapman, and herself, Linda Mashino


Patricia K Williamson Reyes, Class of 1967, told the audience that they were the last class to graduate from MHS and there were 61 members who believed that they were the “best” class to have graduated from MHS. They also had the task of naming the colors for the new North Newton High School; they selected GREEN AND WHITE, “must have been another vote.”  Patricia reported that ten classmate have passed away.  The Class of 1967 and guests spent the afternoon reminiscing at the country home of Carolyn and Tim Geller of Morocco.  Those celebrating their 45th alumni were; Jill Anderson, Marilyn Babbitt, Sherri Callaway, Patricia Henderson, Pat Smart, Carolyn Holley, Brian Ketcham, Jerome Koutny, Frank Moody, Dennis Rainford, Ofelia Reyes, Sherell West and Pat Williamson.


Vice-president Janet Armstrong  informed all the members that the  2013 alumni would be Saturday May 25 .2013.  She also encouraged members of the last graduating classes to think about serving as an officer of the MHS Alumni Association.


There were two graduates from the Class of 1935, Betty “Hagen” Kessler and Florence “Mashino” Storey, who were recognized for being the oldest MHS graduates present at the 2012 Alumni.


Janet then asked all former cheerleaders to step forward and lead us in the school song.    Cheerleaders were; Betty “Hagen” Kessler ’35, Carolyn Merchant ’62, Jill Anderson ’67, Bobbie Carter ‘50, Marilois Carter ’44, Linda Mashino ’57, Nancy Shuey ’57, Diane Hanger ’52, and  Carolyn Holley ’67.


Motion was made to adjourn and seconded..  Passed.


Added  notes:  After some persuasion, Mary “Vanderwall” Gulley has volunteered to fill the co/sec - historian position.


The day before the Alumni, is when the preparations begins for our Saturday banquet. Soon after school on Friday, about nine of the North Newton 10th graders and their sponsor Mr. Jim Speck, transport tables from NN.  They have a great crew that set the tables and chairs up in the gym.  Without them we would be seated on the bleachers.  A big thank-you to these young people, Mr. Speck, Dean Loveall and the NN School Corp.  At this time, the table coverings are placed and decorations are added.  Many hands make this an easy task.  This year those who arrived and worked diligently were: Connie Sell, Janet Armstrong, Dennis and Shirley Deardurf, Dennis and Rosyln Boyd, Joe and Dotty Warrick, Mike and Karen McClatchey, Bud and Judy Schultz.  We must have had a couple of good  “supervisors,” because the job was done in record time.


After the banquet and the guests have left is when the gym has to be cleared and ready for school on Monday.  A big thank-you to the three young people who came in, folded up all the tables and chairs, carried grade school tables and chairs to the storage area.  The tables from the high school are picked-up early Monday morning and returned to the high school by members of the 10th grade class.


Again, a “thank you” to all who helped with the 2012 MHS Alumni.

-- J.S., MHS Alumni Historian


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