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2022 Minutes of the MHS Alumni Banquet



The 73nd Annual Morocco High School Banquet was held in the Morocco Community Center this year on Saturday, May 28, 2022


The Morocco Alumni Association held their annual banquet at the Morocco Community Center with approximately 92 guests attending the banquet catered by Martin Catering from Williamsport, IN.  The meal was delicious.  “The Old Gold and Black” social hour preceding the banquet was enjoyed by former classmates and friends.


The President Mike Shireley ’68 introduced Alexia Kennedy.  She played the Star Spangled Banner in honoring the Flag.


The invocation was given by Dennis Boyd ’63.


Special recognition was given to Jim Dawson for being the person from the oldest class present – 1949.  Jim was presented a beautiful hanging floral basket.  Pat Wynn ’65 was presented a hanging flower for her duties for the last 3 years.  Mike announced this was Pat’s last year.


Those present with a military past stood and were honored and thanked for their service.


2022 Officers:


President Mike Shireley  Class of ‘68


Vice President Dan Blaney  Class of ‘63


Recording Secretary/Secretary/Treasurer:  Pat Schanlaub Wynn   Class of ‘65


Historian:  Judy Cupp Schultz  Class of ‘58


The honored Class of 1952 was represented by Sarah Dawson Snell with 3 present.


The honored Class of 1957 was represented by Bonnie Barnett Storey with 7 present.


The honored Class of 1962 was represented by Bedford Hyde with 4 present.


The honored Class of 1967 was represented by Pat Smart James with 16 present.


Each honored year attendees were introduced by the spokesperson.


The 2022 Scholarship for $1,000 was given to Sarah Mathis.  She is pursuing an education in Aviation at Purdue this Fall.  Grandma Bev Sherman Bingham thanked everyone for the scholarship.  Grandma is proud for sure and deserves to be.


The baskets were passed for donations for the Ruth Corbin Alumni Scholarship.  $550 was received in the mail, $413.00 was received in the baskets and donation from the Alumni Account for $37.00 for a total of $1,000.


Linda Brownfield Telford from the Class of 1963 passed away on May 20th, 2022 after the Eternal Honor Roll was sent in the mail with the invitations.


A proxy to carry a motion for the location for the year of 2023 was passed out to past graduates as they entered the building.  The motion was for the 2023 Alumni to be back at the Morocco Gym.  The pros and cons of both locations were open for comments:  voting was opened by Mike Shireley with Herb Barnett counting the votes.  The results were for the 2023 Alumni to be held at the Morocco Community Hall with considerable higher votes.


The past Cheerleaders led the Alumni in the School Song.


The meeting was Adjourned.


- Pat Schanlaub Wynn of 1965, Secretary



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