TWO Old Photos from Morocco High School for you to help us identify individuals

(Be sure to scroll down to second picture)


1953-54 Future Farmers of America Club


Back row: Clifford Wiltfang, William Bower, Philip Johnson, Dale Wiseman, Albert Bruins, Albert Geller, William Doehring, David Lindlow, Dixie Ulm.

Middle row: Larry Bingham, Ernest Collins, Charles VanCliff, John Kessler, Charles Brockovich, Richard Neibert, William Arbuckle, Terry Madison,

Jack Story, Paul Baird, David Barnett, Chet Lock, Hiram Burnside.

Front row: Percy Stick, Dale Brandt, Jerry Wagner, Chapter Sweetheart-Joey Lynn Madison, Robert “Hoot” Gibson, David Borem, Ronald Baird,

Agriculture Teacher-James Walters.



Class of 1953 Freshmen Group Photo


Top row: ?,  ?,  ?,  ?,  ?,  Robert Doty, Kenny Kenoyer, Ed Clements, Lloyd Burnside, Charles Geller

Row 4: Teacher-,  ?,  ?,  ?, William Wagner, John Bertram, Robert Ramsey

Row 3: ?,  ?,  etc.

Row 2 (seated): Janet Deardurff, Unice Richardson, ?,  Janet Hyer, Doris LaCosse, Barbara Ralston, Sue Andis, ?,  Shirley Allen.

Bottom row: John Wendling, Archie Morgan, ?,  Philip Colburne, Silas Johnson, Jack Warne, Ronald Derflinger, Marian Brownfield, ? .


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