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(Answers to all trivia questions can be found somewhere on this website)

Question 1:

How many principals served in that position during the entire history of Morocco High School?

Question 2:

What was the name of the original School Song for Morocco High School?

Question 3:

What year marked the end of all one-room schools in every township in Newton County?

Question 4:

In 1965, where did the Senior Class choose as their Senior Trip destination?

Question 5:

Did every graduating class have a class photo or a Senior picture Composite produced for MHS posterity?

Question 6:

What was the first year that the MHS Alumni website went online?

Question 7:

In what year was this Gymnasium built?

Question 8:

In 1946, the school newspaper was established.  What was the name of that newspaper?

Question 9:

What was the name of the 1957 Senior Class Play?

Question 10:

Which MHS Principal went on to be elected as the Newton County Schools Superintendant?