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1948 First Grade Photo, subsequently the Class of 1960

(photo submitted by Kathy Yoder ’65)

Top row L-R:  ?, ?, ?, Stu Hammel,  ?, ?, Rose Marie Mashino, ?,  Elsa Mae Yoder, Teacher

Middle row:  Judy Lowe, Joan Lowe, ? ? ? ? Ron Hess, ?

Front row:  ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Janice Garmong


Official Junior Class Photo, Class of 1948

(photo provided by Audrey Bingham Johnson)

Description: Description: Description: 1948classpicLG

Top row L-R: June Wiltfang, Georgia Purdy, Bonnie Lanning, Violet Bushman, Joyce Iliff, Janice Spencer, Dottie Barnett, Irene Hardy, Mary Lazaraton, Joan DeVelde, Louise Andis,

Marjorie Purdy.

3rd row: Miss Hamilton (teacher), Thelma Lade, Dorothy Anderson, Virginia Zoborosky, Ann Manes, Norma Bingham, Marilyn White, Barbara Hunter, Pat Storey, Joyce Koerner, Audrey Bingham, Dorothy Spillers, Phyllis Gordon, Agatha Kovlicek.

2nd row: “Buck” Lane, Willard Gulley, Bernard Thompson, Dale Dawson, Lon Skinner, Malcolm Cory, Leslie Hammel, Bill Miller, Richard Colbourne, Bob Koerner.

Front row: Ray Jonkman, LeRoy Klein, Robert Christenson, Don Deardurff, Jerry Allen, Leon Davis, Gene Bell, Harold Martin, Vern Falk.

History Club 1948

(photo provided by Audrey Bingham Johnson)

Description: Description: Description: HistoryClubMorocco1947corr

Cap & Gown Photo   Class of 1948

(photo provided by Audrey Bingham Johnson)

Description: Description: Description: cap&gown1948  2crop

Back row L-R: Georgia Purdy, Lon Skinner, Mary Lazarton, Willard Gulley, Louise Andis, Dale Dawson, June Wiltfang, Dick Colbourne, Dottie Barnett, Harold Martin, Joan DeVelde.

Middle row: Norma Bingham, Marilyn White, Bonnie Browne, Hilda Smith, Don Deardurff, Bill Miller, Leslie Hammel, Irene Hardy, Dorothy Anderson, Marjorie Purdy, Virginia Zoborosky, Audrey Bingham

Front row: Thelma Lade, Leeon Davis, Etta Jane Campbell, Vern Falk, Lorraine Makeever, Bernard Thompson, Barbara Hunter, Eugene Bell, Pat Storey, Jerry Allen 

Old Downtown Morocco Photo from Rosalynn Boyd home

(date unknown - photo provided by Dennis Boyd)

Description: Description: Description: Old Morocco Street Scene


MUST SEE THIS!!    Historical 1923 All Students High School Photo Found    MUST SEE THIS!!

(click here)



Description: Description: Description: Old MHS Color

 First brick construction Morocco School (Grade and High) in 1899.

Later became the Grade School when New MHS was finished.

(photo by Gene Parsons)   


Description: Description: Description: MHS Color

New Morocco High School built in 1921.

Became the Grade School when New NNHS was finished

(photo by Gene Parsons)


Description: Description: Description: Class61-SeniorTripDC

Class of 1961 Formal Portrait, Washington D.C. Senior Trip, chaperoned by Roy and Ruth Merchant and Advisor, James Howell.

(photo provided by Dennis Boyd)

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Description: Description: Description: 1955 m

This photograph was submitted by Dennis Speer.  He is not certain, but he thinks the girl in the center is Linda Potts

and the boy may be Lester Klein, both from the Class of 1956.  Thanks, Dennis for this great old photo!!!

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Description: Description: Description: MainSteetMorocco

State Street (circa 1949)

Morocco, Indiana 

(photo by Gene Parsons from roof of the Courier building)

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Description: Description: Description: MHS  1954 Senior Trip

Class of 1954 Senior Trip to Washington, D.C. and New York City

Back row L-R: Lawrence Logsdon, Jack Rush, Albert Burns, Dave Deardurff, Mark Davidson, Wayne Harper, Anne McPhail-Sponsor, Mrs. H. Brandt,

Henry Brandt-Twp. Trustee, John Cronk-Principal, Dave Borem, Gene Kay, Bob Earley, Fred Smith. 

Middle row L-R: Gene Berry, Bernard Schultz, Leland Deardurff, Eldon Yoder, Gerald Born, David Mead, Jerry Warne, Richard Wagner.

Front row L-R: Wilma Porter, Lucille Earley, Edmere Smart, Darlene Dawson, Judy Lock, Bernadette Klein, Ann Lucas, Bernice Kwiatkowski, Edwina Brandenburg, Janet Baird, Peggy Storey, Geraldine Pike.

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Description: Description: Description: AlumniBarnettFamily11sm

Barnett Family Portrait (2011 Alumni Banquet)

L-R: Herb Barnett '61, Bonnie (Barnett) Storey '57, Neal Barnett '55,

Janet (Barnett) Armstrong '63, Randy Barnett '68 (NN).

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Description: Description: Description: my photos 027sm

Class of 1953 Reunion Party at the home of Janet Deardurff Lindahl (2011)

L-R: Sue Andis, Marjorie Ross, Barbara Ralston, Jack Warne, Janet Deardurff.

(Photo by Larry Schanlaub)

Description: Description: Description: 005

Then and Now….Class of 1944 at 2010 Banquet!

Back Row L-R: Eldon Purdy, Richard Gilbertson, Warren Johnson, Judy Brown

Middle Row L-R: Joan Manning Tansey, Benice Lane Fountaine, Marilois Carter Anderson

Front Row L-R: Phyllis Hammel Brees, Grace Garmong Bovard, Betty Hendryx Fox, Jim Bovard

(Photo by Yvonne Gibson, Morocco Times)

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Description: Description: Description: Family Pic

Bingham Family Photo (2009)

taken during return to Morocco Memorial Day week-end to attend the Memorial Service for brother Raymond Bingham, Class of 1938.

L-R:  Dennis '63, Gary '59, Larry '56, Audrey '48, Alice '41, Dottie '50, Lenore '36, and Junaita '43.

(see related family article in School History section)


Description: Description: Description: 2004AlumniClass1944

Loyal Alumni Attendees, Class of 1944 (at 2004 Banquet)

L to R: Richard Gilbertson, Warren Johnson, Eldon Purdy

Betty Hendryx Fox, Marilois Carter Anderson, Joan Manning Tansey, Phyllis Hammel Brees, Grace Garmong Bovard, Benice Lane Fountaine

(photo by Judy Schultz)


Description: Description: Description: P1010030crop

Still Loyal, Class of ’44 at 2012 Banquet

L to R: Bernice Fontaine, Phyllis Hammel, Bud Johnson, Mari Lois Carter, Guest


Description: Description: Description: MHS Class of 1951-  40th reunion CROP

Class of 1951 at their 40th Anniversary Reunion

L to R: Bill Heyer, Earl Duggleby, Ag. teacher, Marlene Styck, Clayton Kline, Joan Porter, Gordon Born, Jack Van Niman, Rita Styck, Rosemary DeGroot,

Stella Linderman, Dareldean Beckwith, Carol DeVelde, Carolyn Sirois,  Bryon Sandberg, Tom Clark, Margaret Harding (seated).



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