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Jim White’s Speech and Comments at 2007 Reunion



The top three students were, Marjorie Carlson, Doris Merchant, Nancy Miller.  All of whom I tried to get to make this speech tonight and none of them would accept the challenge. Now I am beginning to know why they were so smart. 

Some of our teachers were Alvin Stoner, Ruth Corbin, Ann McPhail, Olive Smart, Marion Hamilton, Ruth Tilton, Vincent Studer, J.E Stewart, Principle, Gerald Roudebush and Virgil Robbins, coaches.

Our class had 7 members in the band.  Doris Hodde (Brunton) had been our music/band instructor who brought the marching band concept to the Morocco High School Band.  It was requested that I introduce the girls of our class by their full names not just their married names and I request that our Class of 1947 meet every year from now on. Thank You.


  (The following article appeared in the OLD GOLD and BLACK March 13, 1947)


History of Class of 1947


The school year of ’43 and ’44, forty-six green freshies entered the doors of good, old MHS. Scared stiff, we were assembled, for the usual ritual of initiation, in the high school assembly and given a thorough going over by the graduating class of ’44.  That year, we chose as our president, Allen Myers, Miss Ruth Tilton sponsored the class.  Our class, like all other freshmen classes before us, led the traditional lives of dogs.  Secretly we thought it was fun, for at last we had entered high school.  Six of our classmates withdrew that year: Phyllis Hobbs, Norman Carroll, Virginia Mills, Kenneth Wood, Ronald Davis, and Clyde Mingear.  Richard Franklin entered the class from Lansing: Marceline Ware came from Rensselaer, and Jim White rejoined his classmates that Fall after his recovery from an injury.

The sophomore year was begun with 48 members. Three new students had entered; Stanley Morgan from New York, Maynard Rich from Donovan, and Louis Vraniak from Chicago.  Marjorie Carlson was chosen class president and Mr. Alvin Stoner sponsored our class.  That year we presented two Christmas plays, and at the close of the year a majority of the class was voted into History Club.  Again we had a good time on class night portraying the lives of teachers here at MHS.  We’re afraid that the reason Miss Corbin blushes when she hears the reference to “Pistol Packin’ Mama”, is entirely because of that night.  Ten members of our class withdrew that year: Robert Christenson, Marshall Faucher, Dorothy Flatt, Marcella Hough, Donald Love, Stanley Morgan, Robert Rainford, Ruby Starnes, Earl Young, and Robert Gutherie.  

The next year we were juniors---at last. But the summer before, the army had taken two of our boys: Don Robinson and Willis Parrish, while three other members of the class withdrew: Richard Styck, Allen Myers, and Robert Lomax.  Mary Lowery and Jeanette Hixson joined our class.  That year was prosperous, for we sold soft drinks, candy and ice cream during noon hours and at the sectional tourney. In addition we sponsored the annual Junior Prom. J.R.Sheldon was chosen as our class president and Miss Marian Hamilton sponsored the class. Class colors of new gold and white were chosen so that we might order class sweaters.

Then finally -------Seniors! Now we were going to get back on some of the under classmen.  We had a great time initiating the freshmen. Although we had been scared to death when we were freshies, we didn’t spare the rod where those poor freshmen were concerned.   Mrs. McPhail sponsored the class of 33 members and Marjorie Carlson was chosen as president.  At the beginning of the second semester, Jean Pratt who had been a former student, returned from Texas.  Jewell McCord, Leland Mayhew and Mary Lowery withdrew and Gerald Iliff and Earl Swartz received their diplomas after the first semester.  We sponsored a senior dance and presented an annual senior play “Cash and Carrie”.  Along with winning the class tourneys for the past three years, we were honored by receiving the class banner for the year 1947.  During the latter part of the year we planned trips to Lafayette and Chicago. We, as all other seniors before us, ended the year with the traditional “Kid’s Day”, “Senior Week” and “Class Night”.

We are happy to graduate, but we regret the fact that our high school days are over.

We the graduates of the class of 1947, sincerely hope that in some way, we have left MHS at least a little better for having spent our years here.      


Class officers: President, Marjorie Carlson; Vice-president, Jim Rainford; Secretary, Melissa Perkins; Treasurer, J.R.Sheldon.

Class Motto: Love, Labor and Laugh

Class Colors: New Gold and White

Class Flower: White Rose       




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