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Minutes of the Morocco High Alumni Banquet May 26, 2007


The 59th annual Morocco High School banquet was held in the Morocco

School Gymnasium Saturday May 26, 2007.


280 attend this year’s Banquet!


New Social Hour

MHS Graduates and guests were welcomed at 5:15 p.m. with a “Tea Time Gab Fest” hosted by Betty Hagen Kessler 35’, daughter Vickie Kessler Diegle, and friends.  This was enjoyed by many to renew old acquaintances.  Some of the conversations started with “do you you remember when?”…


President Alana Lock Deno 63’ welcomed all Alumni, former students, and guests to the 2007 Alumni.  Mr. Jack Snell 51’ gave the invocation before the banquet that was served by G&G Catering.

Recognitions & Meeting

After the meal the 2007 Alumni Meeting was called to order by President Deno.  All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.  President Deno then introduced the oldest alumnus present, Miss Margaret Protsman, Class of 1925.  Margaret was celebrating her 82nd alumni year.  The second oldest in attendance was Arthur Howell, Class of 1929, celebrating his 78th alumni year.  Others recognized were Class of 1931 - Juanita McClatchey Sellers; Class of 1933 - Carrie Evelyn Murphy Linduska; Class of 1934 - Lawson Cox; and Class of 1935 - Grace Hagen Rice, Don Clarkson, Florence Mashino Storey, Betty Hagen Kessler, Jeanette Yates Lowman, Vane Harrison, Dolores Henderson Doelling, and Class of 1936 - Roger Tebo.  This group graduated before the present Morocco school gymnasium was built (and some of these graduates helped with the construction).


President Deno introduced Honored Classes of 2007:


The Class of 1937 graduated 25.  Former members attending were Stan Harrison and Marvin Miller.


The Class of 1942 graduated 28.  Victor Carlson spokesman: “The graduating class of 1942 spent their grade school years during the great depression of the 1930’s. We started school in 1930 following the stock market crash of 1929. Our economy almost failed and many banks did fail and the savings of anyone who had any were lost and the depression followed.

    In 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president and numerous programs were enacted to provide jobs and stimulate the economy.  One of these was the WPA Works Progress Administration.

    I remember three WPA projects in Morocco. One was filling low areas of the Oakland Cemetery north of town. Fill dirt from the banks of Beaver Creek was hauled by teams and horse drawn wagons equipped with gravel boards with all loading and leveling done by hand.

    Another project was located where the post office is now. Privies or outhouses were built and sold at a very nominal price. They were named by many as “Roosevelt Memorials”.

    The third and largest WPS project was building this gymnasium. Henry Brandt, the Morocco Chevrolet dealer, was serving as the Beaver Township Trustee and caught quite a bit of flack from the local people because of the size of the building being built in the middle of this depression. One citizen remarked, “I think old Henry is losing his mind, it’s so large he will never fill it”.  But time has proven them wrong as we have all seen it filled many times.  It looks pretty full to me tonight!

    About the time our class entered high school the economy was slowly improving and things were looking up.  But we had another fly in ointment. Adolph Hitler of Germany, Benito Mussolini of Italy and Japan in the Pacific were invading their neighboring nations and World War II was starting. The United States tried to remain neutral but that ended when we were seniors on December 7, 1941. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and we become a participant.

    Upon graduation virtually all the boys and several girls served in the military.  We lost one classmate, Richard Augustine, who was an Air Corps fighter pilot in China. After the war his remains were returned to Morocco and interned in the Oakland Cemetery. Classmates and friends served as pallbearers all dressed in their military uniforms. We also lost an agriculture teacher, Jim Mills.  Our high school principal, Harland W. White, served in the Navy until 1945. After the war he was associated with Purdue University until he retired. He passed away this past December at the age of 99.

    Incidentally, he presented our classmate, Donald Hossett, with his high school diploma in 1942 and also his Purdue University diploma upon graduation.

    To my knowledge no one in our class achieved greatness but I believe we were all pretty solid citizens.  I never heard of anyone serving any jail time.

    Over the years our class numbers have dwindled considerably and tonight we only have three members in attendance and I would like to introduce them; Marcheta Hamilton Camblin of Morocco, Malcolm Tolin of Morgan Hills, Ca. and myself Victor Carlson of Morocco.  Malcolm Tolin had a twin brother Marshall and also a sister Shirley in the class of 1942. Thank you.”


The Class of 1947 graduated 31.  Ten members are deceased. Spokesman Jim White filled in for classmate Betty Deardurff Holmes, who was unable to attend at the last moment.  Jim introduced those present; Martha Garrard Dickey, Nancy Miller Myers, former classmate Allen Myers, Betty Heath Carlson, Shirley Boyd Storey, Barbara Rainford Brisker, Delbert Purdy and Helen Stone Hagen.  Click here to read Jim’s speech and comments.


The Class of 1952 graduated 38.  Twelve members are deceased.  Kathy Arbuckle was the spokesperson.  Other members present were, Carmen Bratt Rouse, Bette Manes Bouch, Sarah Dawson Snell, Gene Dunfee, Dianne Hanger Hendryx, Mary Wiltfang Tollison, and Gene Warne.  The year that this class started  school, the first grade teacher at Morocco Grade School was Betty Kessler.


The 50 Year Honor Class held their class reunion at the Scott-Lucas House in the afternoon.  The Class of 1957 graduated 38, five members are deceased. Bonnie Barnett Storey introduced the class members present: Ronald Andis, Nancy Cox Crandall, Marcia Chapman Carlson, Linda Mashino Gibson, Lynn Russell Abraham, Calvin Schultz, David Barnett, Terry Madison, Jean Bridgeman Leavitt, Paul Baird, Nancy Shuey Coon, Kay Potts Lopp, Pauline Thomas Pickett, David Lindlow, Deloris Webb Neuschwander, Loretta Baird Wagoner, and Eileen Davis VanHouten.


The Class of 1962 graduated 47 and four members are deceased.  Mike McClatchey, “again” filling in for the Class President, introduced classmates Lois Morgan Hensel, Bedford Hyde, Joe Warrick, Vicki Treado Manes, Marianne Thompson Luchene, Betty Ferkins Clear, Mallie Dunfee, Max Hunter, Marjorie Pike Allen, Carolyn Merchant Wiltfang, and Sam Yoder.


The Class of 1967 graduated 61.  Four members are deceased.  Class President Thomas Kocoshis introduced fellow classmates, Carol Allis Cote, Carolyn Holley Geller, Pat Williamson Reyes, Sherrie Calloway Roberts, and Jill Anderson Hammel. James Bales, Gloria Hansen Berkshire, Sue Yoder Dresel, Pat Smart James, Jerome Koutny, Roger LaCosse, Rhonda Madden, Kathy Bartholomew Strong, Dennis Rainford, Carol Rose, and Patricia Henderson. 


In honor of those who have served our Country, President Deno asked all Veterans to stand and be recognized.  A round of applause showed how greatful we are to those who have served in the Armed Forces.


Officers for 2008 will be:

Larry Schanlaub, ’63, President

Dennis Boyd, ’61, Vice President

Co-Sec/Treasurers: Connie Sell, ’63 and Judy Schultz, ‘58 (Historian)


The 2007 Alumni meeting ended with the former school cheerleaders leading the group in the Morocco school song.

New Musical Program

MHS graduate, Don DeKoker, ‘58 and former Morocco lad, Dave Ross hosted an “Ole Time Concert” with the help of DJ Dale Murphy.  It was kind of a sock hop for oldies, without taking you shoes off.  Each decade of music was featured with a brief commentary about the times and place the music was popular.  The first part of the concert honored the 40’s and the WWII era.  Original versions of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” by the Andrew Sisters, “I’ll be seeing you” by Jane Fromna and many others were played.  The second part of the concert featured “Heart of Rock & Roll”, 1955 through 1962 (pre Beatles).  Songs like “A Fool Such As I’ by Elvis, “My Prayer” by the Platters, “Little Darling” by the Diamonds, “You send Me’ by Sam Cooke along with others, were enjoyed by all who attended.  Don’s program renewed a few memories from the past as well as a great time to dance in the old Historic Morocco Gym,  (even for those who graduated before it was built).  Click here to see all the photos of this year’s Celebration!!



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