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2009 Alumni Celebration Candids

(To read the text account of this year’s banquet, click here)


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Lawson Cox - 75th year Honor Class of 1934

Lawson enjoying a conversation during the Social Hour.

L-R: Jim Cox, Lawson Cox, Mrs. Ted Hayes, Ted Hayes ‘61

Gracie Hagen Rice ‘34 also attended later (not pictured)



Vane Harrison ’35 and Lawson Cox ’34

(photo by Jim Cox)



Class of 1939 -- 70th Anniversary Reunion

At this table along with Honorees Ed Camblin, Roberta Kessler Musser, Ruth Ann Kessler Shirer and Richard Garmong,

are Marcheta Hamilton Camblin ’42, Alice Bingham Nemecek ’42, Vic Carlson ’42, Betty Carlson ’47.



Class of 1944 – 65th Anniversary Reunion

                                                           Top row L-R: Richard Gilbertson

                                                           Fourth row L-R: Warren Johnson, Eldon Purdy

                                                           Third row L-R: Bernice Lane, Betty Hendryx Fox

                                                           Second row L-R: Marilois Carter Anderson, Phyllis Hammel Brees

                                                           Front row L-R: Grace Garmong Bovard, Joan Manning Tansey




Class of 1949 – 60th Anniversary Reunion

The class met at the Scott-Lucas Home for a pre-celebration gathering

L-R: Pat Thurston McKee, Jim Dawson, Betty Davis Desilva, James Manes, Helen Madison Miller,

Richard Deardurff, Don Falk, Joann Styck Watt, Charles Kay




Class of 1954 – 55th Anniversary Reunion

The class met at the Scott-Lucas House for a pre-celebration gathering

L-R: Judy Lock Dodd, Edmere Smart Falk, Bud Schultz, Dave Wagner, Wayne Harper, Dave Deardurff



Class of 1959 – 50th Anniversary Reunion

              Top row L-R: Dave Brandt, Tom Shuey, Dick Brunton, Steve Hancock, Larry Batchelor, Keith Wiltfang, Bob Warne

              Middle row L-R: Jim Shireley, Dennis Vanderwall, Robert Gonczy, Roger Emmrich, Ron Hess, Veryl Whaley, Delos Spurgeon

              Front row L-R: Lee Shirer, Linda Ketcham, Sally Bannon, Joyce Holderby, Judy Cady, Wanda Henderson, Donna Elgas





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Sign In Desk manned by Connie Ackors Sell ’63 and Rosalynn Boyd.

L-R: Ed Camblin ’39, Marcheta Hamilton Camblin ‘42



Hospitality Station for Old Gold & Black Social Hour

preceding the Banquet





L-R: Lawson Cox '34, Ruth Ann Kessler Shirer '39, Jim Cox '70,

Ed Camblin '39, Marcheta Camblin '42



Eldon Purdy ’44 writes his nametag at Sign In desk.




 Eldest Attending Alumnus, Juanita McClatchey Sellers ‘31

arrives for the Alumni.



Newton/Jasper County Community Band plays

during dinner.


Caterers set out a delicious buffet of food as the band plays on!



As dinner is served, Phyllis Brees and Marilois Anderson reminisce.





L-R facing camera: Bonnie (Hammel) Deardurff ’38,

Ruth (Blann) Warrick ’38, Florence (Mashino) Storey ‘35

(photo by Jim Cox)



We’re TABLE #1, where the heck is #2 ?

L-R: Vane Harrison ‘35, Lawson Cox ‘34, Herschel Harrison ‘30,

Billie Sue Bingham ‘60, Lenore (Bingham) Smith ‘36

(photo by Jim Cox)





Mr. John and Coach John O’Neil (foreground) taught at MHS

during 1960-62.



Right table: Former teachers Joe Elliott and Gloria, Clara and Larry Berenda, Jack Snell and Sarah. Others at the table are Grads Karen Ross '66, Ron Murphey '69, Randy Barnett '68, and Mike Shireley





Business Meeting Comes To Order

President Dennis Boyd ’61, presiding.



Table of the Classes of ’56 and ’57 Alumni




Lawson Cox, Spokesman for

Class of 1934 (photo by Jim Cox)





Eldon Purdy, Spokesman for

Class of 1944



Richard Deardurff, Spokesman for

Class of 1949





Edmere Smart Falk, Spokeswoman for

Class of 1954



Dave Brandt, Spokesman for

Class of 1959




John Hess, Spokesman for

Class of 1964


Traditional Closing of the Banquet

Past Cheerleaders are brought up to lead the Alumni in the singing of our School Song. This year’s Cheerleaders present---


L-R (standing): Betty Hagen Kessler '35, Delos Spurgeon '59, Sheri Brunton Warne '59, Jan Garmong Shirer '59. Joyce Holderby Brandt '59. Betty Heath Carlson '47, Carolyn Sirois Brownfield '51, Carolyn Merchant Wiltfang '62





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