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Contributing Photographers:

Yvonne Gibson, Morocco Times

Judy Cupp Schultz, ‘58

Larry Schanlaub, ‘63

Dave DeKoker, 63




2010 Alumni Celebration Candids

(To read the text account of this year’s banquet, click here)


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Class of 1935 -- 75th Anniversary Reunion

3 members of the class celebrated this year.

L-R:  Florence Mashino Storey, Betty Hagen Kessler, Vane Harrison





Class of 1940 -- 70th Anniversary Reunion

We need a photo of 1940 Reunion Class – Please email it to Webmaster if you have one.




Class of 1945 – 65th Anniversary Reunion

L-R: Pauline Boyd Peterson, Russell Garrard, Harry Cody, Vera Scheel Johnson, Louise Flatt Wilson.

Also attending but not pictured was Warren Graefnitz.





Class of 1950 – 60th Anniversary Reunion

We need a photo of 1950 Reunion Class – Please email it to Webmaster if you have one.




Class of 1955 – 55th Anniversary Reunion

The class met at the Scott-Lucas House for a pre-celebration gathering.

                       Back Row L-R: Neal Barnett, Marvin Flagg, Bill Wiltfang, Ronald Baird, Dan Lazaraton, Charles VanCleef, Donn Kaupke,

                       Front Row L-R: Audrey Schanlaub Duley, Marion Johnson Coapstick, Shirley McGreger Thompson, Rosalie Clark Haste,

Florence Augustine Bunning, Ron Rush, Robert Surprenant.



Class of 1960 – 50th Anniversary Reunion

The class met at the Lions Club for a pre-celebration gathering.

    Back row L-R: Lin Brown, James Styck, Jack Fitzgerald, Charles Gonzy, Dick Borth, Doug Camblin, Stewart Hammel (MHS honor jacket),

    Front row L-R: Joyce Martin Neibert, Nancy Hayworth Moore, Allen Cox, Rose Marie Mashino Brunton, Shari Brunton Warne, Jo Miller Myers,

                             Karen Smart Jackman, Mary Sheldon Wiltfang, Linda Thurston Eighnor, Joan Lowe Burris, Judy Lowe Cobleigh,

                             Carolyn Borem, Janice Garmong Shirer (class sweater).




Class of 1965 – 45th Anniversary Reunion

The class met at the American Legion for a pre-celebration gathering.

     Back row L-R: Bill Ackors, Ron Dowty, Florence Bertram Burnside, James Green, Bill Smart, Donna Mashino Smart, Don Loveall, Allan Allis,

                             Lyle Warne, Pat Schaulaub Wynn, Barney Belt.

     Middle row L-R: Vickie Kessler Diegle, Nancy Ludlow Baum, Henry Hansen, Dave Collins, Dave Doyle, Kathryn Yoder Roert, Jo Alice Warne Belt,

                                Charles Hall, Donna Holley.

     Front row L-R: Rodney Rich, Ron Hileman and Wilbur Doty.




The Warne Family Attending

Alice Warne ’30 (seated).

L-R: Gene ‘52, Jack ‘53, Joyce ‘56, Janet ‘64, Bob ‘59, Jo Alice ‘65, and nephew Lyle Warne ’65.






Sign In Desk manned by Connie Ackors Sell ’63



238 folks getting seated for the Banquet





President Ted Hayes opens the Banquet



All are serenaded with dinner music from the Joy Sounds




Eldest Alumnus present and only living member of the

Class of 1930, Alice Purdy Warne.



Alice and daughter JoAlice Warne Belt sing the original

MHS School Song, “Faithful and True Hearted” a’cappella.


All military service Veterans were asked to stand and

be recognized.



Pres. Ted Hayes begins Honored Class Speakers introductions.

All class speakers’ comments may be read in the 2010 minutes.





Betty Hagan Kessler, Spokeswoman for

Class of 1935.



Russell Garrard, Spokesman for

Class of 1945.





Vern Denton, Spokesman for

Class of 1950.



Neal Barnett, Spokesman for

Class of 1955.




Lin Brown, Spokesman for

Class of 1960.



JoAlice Warne Belt, Spokeswoman for

Class of 1965.




Webmaster Dave DeKoker ’63 presented the past year website statistics.



Dan Blaney ’63 presented a plan to rename and fund

The Ruth Corbin Scholarship fund.




Traditional Closing of the Banquet

Past Cheerleaders were brought up to lead the Alumni in the singing of our School Song. This year’s Cheerleaders present---


Betty Hagen Kessler ’35, Betty Heath Carlson ’47, Carolyn Siros Brownfield ’51, Carolyn Merchant Wiltfang ’62, Janet Warne Allen ’64, JoAlice Warne Belt ’65, Vickie Kessler Diegle ’65, Shari Brunton Warne ’60, Janice Garmong Shirer ’60 and Rose Marie Mashino Brunton ’60.







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