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Contributing Photographers:

Judy Cupp Schultz, ‘58

Larry Schanlaub, ‘63




2012 Alumni Banquet Celebration Candids

(To read the minutes of this year’s banquet, click here)


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Janet Barnett ’63, Connie Ackors Sell ’63, Martha White ‘56



Dennis Rainford ’67 and Bill Smart ‘65


Bobbie Carter ’50 and Dianne Hanger ‘52



Checking in at the ticket desk


Eager Alums arriving ready for good food and great fellowship




Jack Snell ’51, Class of ’52: Sarah Dawson, Kathy Arbuckle,

Janet Wileman, Gene Warne, Gene Dunfee, Diane Hanger


Jack Storey ’56 and Ronnie Rush ‘55 manning the

“Morocco Athletes and Cheerleaders” book desk



Class of ’44: Phyllis Hammel, Marilois Carter, Harry’s daughter Terry,

Harry Cody ’45, Bud Johnson, ?, Bernice Lane and daughter


Class of ’54: Judy Lock, Edmere Smart, Gerald Born, Bud Schultz,

and guest Harvey Dodd



 Veterans standing for recognition by the MHS Alumni Association



All Seated and Ready to Begin the Banquet Buffet



Class of ’62 in Ye Old Serving Line – Bon Appetit


Betty Hagen Kessler ’35 and Florence Mashino Storey ‘35




 Honor Class 1942 – 70th Anniversary of Graduation

Marcheta Hamilton with hubby Ed Camblin ‘39


Honor Class 1947 – 65th Anniversary Reunion

L-R: Shirley Boyd, Delbert Purdy, Marjorie Carlson, Jim White, Martha Garrard




Honor Class 1952 – 60th Anniversary Reunion

L-R Back Row: Veryl Sypult, Gene Warne, Gene Dunfee

Front Row: Diane Hanger, Kathyrn Arbuckle, Janet Wiseman, Sarah Dawson


Honor Class 1957 – 55th Anniversary Reunion

                                                                        L-R Back Row: Dave Lindlow, Dave Barnett

                                                                        Middle Row: Eileen Davis, Linda Mashino, Nancy Shuey, Lynne Russell

                                                                        Front Row: Bonnie Barnett, Delores Webb, Marsha Chapman, Loretta Baird



Class of 1962 – 50th Anniversary Reunion Celebrated at the Scott-Lucas Home

L-R Back Row: Vicki Trudeau, Marjorie Pike, Joe Warrick, Mike McClatchey, Bedford Hyde, Max Hunter, Emma Borem, Dennis Deardurff, Malley Dunfee

Front Row: Jeanne Lowe, Marilyn Rainford, Bethel Doty, Carolyn Merchant Wilfang, Mary Ann Thompson, Betty Ferkins, Dave Smart, Kay Spurgeon McClean



Honor Class 1967 – 45th Anniversary Reunion Celebrated at Carolyn Holley Geller’s Home

Sharell West, Marilyn Babbit Hert, Jerome Koutney, Brian Ketchum, Frank Moody, Don Alliss, Carolyn Holley Geller, Pat Smart James,

Ofelia Reyes Garcia, Jill Anderson Hammel, Sherri Calaway Roberts, Pat Williamson Reyes, Denny Rainford (Not pictured)



Dennis Deardurff ‘62, Presiding




Janet Barnett ’63, Vice President

Introducing honored speakers


Marcheta Hamilton Camblin

Class of ’42 Spokeswoman



Shirley Boyd Storey

Class of ’47 Spokeswoman


Veryl Sypult

Class of ‘52 President and Spokesman



Linda Maschino Gibson

Class of ’57 Spokeswoman


Dennis Deardurff

Class of ’62 President and Spokesman



Pat Williamson Reyes

Class of ’67 Spokeswoman


Cheerleaders Closing with the School Fight Song







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