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2013 Alumni Celebration Candids


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Class of 1935

Betty Hagan Kessler

Florence Mashino Storey


Honor Class of 1938 -- 75th Anniversary

L-R: Barbara Hangar Clarkson, Hettie Bailey Abbott, Ruth Blann Warrick


Class of 1939

Ed Camblin


Honor Class of 1943 -- 70th Anniversary

Had no members of the class attend


Class of 1944

Back row L-R: Judy Brown, Warren Johnson

Front row L-R: Benice Lane Fountaine, Marilois Carter Anderson, Phyllis Hammel Brees


Honor Class of 1948 -- 65th Anniversary

Had no members of the class attend


Honor Class of 1953 -- 60th Anniversary

John Wendling, Janet Deardurff Lindahl

Mitzi Lock Etchison, Sue Andis


Honor Class of 1958 -- 55th Anniversary

Top Row: Judy Cupp Shultz, Sharon Potts Pommier

Middle Row: Merlin Woods, Diane Kruger Castognia, Janet Wiltfang Storey

Bottom Row: Marsha Sapp Weltzer, Judy Warne Armstrong, Peggy Sellers Lindlow


Honor Class of 1963 -- 50th Anniversary

Top Row: Phil Cox, Paul Shireley, Tom Bertram, Dan Blaney, Jim Hayworth, Rick Gramong, Rex Haste

Middle Row: Carol Henderson, Carol Potts, Alana Lock, Shirley Storey, Gloria Holderby, Janet Barnett, Mary “Tee” Fitzgerald

Bottom Row: Larry Schanlaub, Connie Ackors, Gene Flagg, Mary Vanderwall, Sandra Clarkson, Nancy Bannon, Dave DeKoker


Class of ’63 Bonfire and Weiner Roast Friday Evening hosted by Rick & Gloria Garmong

(see more photos of '63...)




Honor Class of 1968 -- 45th Anniversary

(Graduated at North Newton -- Last Junior Class to attend Morocco High School)

Randy Barnett, Tony Barone

Judith Merchant, Jena Anderson, Cheryl Merchant




Once again, we were entertained by the song stylings of “Joy Sounds”


Singing of the Food Blessing by original members of the MHS Music Ensemble




Let the 2013 Banquet begin!


Pres. Janet Barnett Armstrong and Vice Pres. John Hess presiding




Several rose presentations were made to the Eldest Alumni attending


Sec/Treas Connie Ackors Sell reads the Treasurer’s Report for the previous year




Spokesman for Class of ’53, John Wendling


Spokeswoman for Class of ’58, Sharon Potts Pommier




Spokesman for Class of ’63, Dan Blaney


Spokeswoman for Class of ’68, Cheryl Merchant Newall




Cheerleaders that were present led the Association in the singing of the School Song


L-R: Judy Warne Armstrong ‘58, Gloria Holderby Garmong ‘63, Jena Anderson ‘68, Marilois Carter Anderson ‘44,

Jill Anderson Hammel ‘67, Betty Hagen Kessler ‘44, JoAlice Warne Belt ‘65, and Carol Potts Waring ‘63






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