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2008 Alumni Celebration Candids

(To read the text account of this year’s banquet, click here)


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70th year Honor Class of 1938

L-R: Helen Warrick Whaley, Barbara Hangar Clarkson, Hattie Bailey Abbott, Ruth Bland Warrick



Class of 1958 – 50th Anniversary Reunion (Photo by Dave & Peg Lindlow)

                        Top row L-R: Don DeKoker, Dave Wagner, Merlin Woods, Bill Bouse, Sonny Shedrow

                        Third row L-R: Jim Bannon, Don Hunter, Janet Wiltfang, Judi Davis, Judy Cupp

                        Second row L-R: Tony Myers, Judy Turnpaugh, Sharon Potts, Dianne Krueger, Kathy Christenson, Kenny Rainford

                        Front row L-R: Marcia Sapp, Joannie Madison, Peggy Sellers, Ed Iwinski, Pat Koutny



Class of 1963’s 45th Anniversary Reunion Pre-Celebration Party held at the Scott-Lucas House

L-R: Gloria Holderby Garmong, Rick Garmong, Dean Robinson, Gene Flagg, Sandra Clarkson Stuckman, Terry Jackson, Jon Jones, Dan Blaney,

Mary “T” Fitzgerald, Dave DeKoker, Janet Barnett Armstrong, Alana Lock Deno, Connie Ackors Sell, Carol Potts Warring, Larry Schanlaub

Seated L-R: Mrs. Charlene Molter Sammons-Typing Teacher, Mrs. Margaret Merchant-English Teacher & Class Sponsor


The Gals of the Class of 1963 (photo by Sue DeKoker)



The Guys of the Class of 1963 (photo by Sue DeKoker)

(1935 International Harvester truck courtesy of Roger Deno)




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75th year Honor Class of 1933

There remains only 4 living members. 

Carrie Evelyn Murphey Linduska was the

only one able to attend this year!






Eldest Attending Alumnus

Juanita McClatchey Sellers – Class of ‘31


Dual Serving Lines Reduced Standing Time

This year, two separate food lines vastly improved the event’s

serving time.




All Dining Together

Due to faster lines, food was better and all dined at about the

same time.

55th year Honor Class of 1953 had 4 attending this year

L-R: Silas Johnson, Marjorie Ross Jenkens, Janet Deardurff Lindahl, Mitzi Lock Etchinson



Business Meeting

L-R: Pres. Larry Schanlaub, Sec. Connie Ackors Sell reading

2007 meeting minutes, and V.P. Dennis Boyd




Don Hunter Recognized for Being Inducted

into the Indiana High School Wrestling Hall of Fame

(see article on Latest News page)

David Carlson, Spokesman for

Class of 1943




Joan DeVelde, Spokeswoman for

Class of 1948


Silas Johnson, Spokesman for

Class of 1953




Kenny Rainford, Spokesman for

Class of 1958

Dan Blaney, Spokesman for

Class of 1963




Cheryl Merchant, Spokeswoman for

Class of 1968


Traditional Closing of the Banquet

Each year, all of our past Cheerleaders are brought up to lead the Alumni in the singing of our School Song.

Until next year….Adieu.




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